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  1. Jaitek

    Illegal DMCA Actions

    If all companies acted the way BSG has, then 50% of all videos on Youtube would be taken down. duck their illegal practices. duck their censorship because they didnt like what someone said. PLUS THE INFORMATION COULD ONLY HELP CUSTOMERS AND PLAYERS. But they didnt like that, ducking Russians.
  2. Jaitek

    Illegal DMCA Actions

    Do you not understand what a DMCA is supposed to be used for? They used the DMCA strikes falsely. Thus no reason to defend them.
  3. Jaitek

    whats up with Eroktic?

    Wtf are you talking about.
  4. Jaitek

    Illegal DMCA Actions

    Bullshit tactics and shitty way to handle the situation. Very very Russian. Using fraudulent DMCAS to take down videos they do not like. They could have just taken the 1 video, but they take over 30 of them down. They made it personal and are handling it very poorly. Really sad to be honest. I like the game but not the company after this tornado.
  5. Jaitek

    Inviting broken

    How exactly is it broken? Works fine for myself.
  6. Jaitek

    Armor does too much.....

    Try better ammo and not a shotgun.
  7. Jaitek

    Factory Spawn Killing

    Never had that ever, even on Factory.
  8. Jaitek

    Is this a hacker?

    Probably more than one shooter/spotter with a scope.
  9. Jaitek

    Hackers Hackers and more Hackers

    Are we playing the same game? Ive only ran into one "hacker".
  10. Jaitek


    So team up? You cant get upset when other people team up and you decide not to.
  11. No, not for me at least. NA.