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  1. Jaitek

    Inviting broken

    How exactly is it broken? Works fine for myself.
  2. Jaitek

    Armor does too much.....

    Try better ammo and not a shotgun.
  3. Jaitek

    Factory Spawn Killing

    Never had that ever, even on Factory.
  4. Jaitek

    Is this a hacker?

    Probably more than one shooter/spotter with a scope.
  5. Jaitek

    Hackers Hackers and more Hackers

    Are we playing the same game? Ive only ran into one "hacker".
  6. Jaitek


    So team up? You cant get upset when other people team up and you decide not to.
  7. No, not for me at least. NA.
  8. Jaitek

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Verify please : Jaitek#2696
  9. Jaitek

    IDEA nerf?

  10. Jaitek

    Games unplayable after update

    Odd, havent gotten that yet.