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  1. Upcoming Glock I don't know when everyone forgot that the FBI tested this. 9mm is not sufficient. I think people look at the date and assume that it has somehow become outdated. Great, except they spent actual tons of ballistic gelatin, did consult with er doctors, actually recreated proper combat circumstances based on real world engagements, and used proper scientific test design. Is there anything has has even come close to the scale and dedication to unbiased testing? Wound channels with pistol rounds are limited, effectively, to the diameter of the round. Unlike rifle rounds, the temporary wound channel isn't large enough to matter. Again confirmed in the FBI test. You only get to start making things interesting when you change the dynamic of how pistol rounds function. Stuff like 5.7 and the fact that it tumbles like an intermediate rifle cartridge.
  2. Upcoming Glock

    People can argue .45 vs 9mm all day. Here is the rub though: 230 grain .45 is subsonic. Penetration is worse than 9x19 but soft tissue damage is significantly better with the .45. You want a cartridge that does the job and doesn't need special snowflake rounds to work well suppressed? .45 gets it done. Of course Glocks are average at best. Give me something sexy like an FNX45 tac and then it is really worth it.