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  1. Nouveaux silencieux !

    mouhahaha !
  2. Patch Notes Pré-liminaires 0.5.0.***

    bon travail
  3. Recherche Joueurs

    Bonsoir à tous, Nous sommes actuellement 2 et nous recherchons 2, 3 autres joueurs pour partir en squad. Ajouter moi: AaMaLmOn666
  4. Exact date of the wipe?

    oui 100% Alf
  5. Internet Issues/Packetloss

    I have the same problem, when I play with my brother (same network) it is unplayable. 750 800 kb / s Sorry i'm french my english is bad ^^
  6. Strange bug

    Help plz? :-/
  7. Upgraded Account

    you must reset profil on the site but you loose everything Sorry i'm french my english is bad
  8. Strange bug

    Hello, I have a rather strange bug when I launch a solo game online so far no problem but when the spear an online game accompanied by my brother who plays on the same network as me we have extremely high pings And it is unplayable. Is this a gambling problem? Or does it come from my home because of my network? (I've never had this problem with other games) i'm sorry my english is bad Coordinately Geoffrey