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  1. How do I get OP-SKS?

    I got every trader on the max level, and my character lvl is 34, but it seems I can't buy OP version of this gun.. So how am I supposed to get it? off the scav only?
  2. bad sound engine..

    wow thanks for enlightening me, you look like someone who has idea about what they are talking about first of all what's the difference between early beta and late one? for me and majority is the stage of polishment that new era of gaming has skewed your perception of that.. but i guess nowadays it's ok to push game to beta with only 4 maps ready and 80% of features missing "Lack of funds? Yup, everyone who paid is now playing.." And how does that negate my theory that this game lacked funds before going to beta? and could you tell me from where you got that data, that you can throw such a bold statement? even if so it's couple days into beta so that wouldn't be so suprising.. also you didn't say anything about what this whole thread is all about
  3. bad sound engine..

    I'm sorry but this sound engine isn't good.. and before you guy come and say that it's beta,please tell me.. is beta really a stage of develompment in which devs should focus on sound engine and what makes you believe that it's the subject to change? we are in beta.. beta isn't a time when devs should focus on changing / tweaking such a big things instead it's a time for final polishes before upcomming release.. game lacks so many promised features.. imo the only reason why they pushed this game to beta is lack of funds, and what better way of getting funds is than inviting everyone who pays to play.. Playing factory is a nightmare, can't count how many times i died to some guy with hatchet that i couldn't even hear.. one second when i look behind, it's clear, 2 seconds later i hear someone from behind swinging at me.. how does that even work i don't know, i understand if someone is sneaking up on me on the slowest speed possible, but with that paste, they couldn't be able to catch up to me in 2 seconds.. It's impossible to tell distance of fired shots on open maps, pointing out exact direction isn't easy either When i hear someone sprinting in the factory i get paranoid, looking at every direction cuz I can't tell if some ducking hatchling is rushing me or is it someone above or below me, or perhaps in a room next to me Say what you want but for me sound is what makes or breaks the game, especially if it's tactical shooter where sound plays such a big role.. I'm using HD598s.. I still love this game and hope that everything works out
  4. Which loyalty lvl for armor/helmet?

    so basically i should camp at areas with top loot / choke points leading to exits, thanks, how often do people with good gear come to these loot areas?
  5. Which loyalty lvl for armor/helmet?

    For now i'm somewhat comfortable at the woods since i've been doing hatchet runs there but if you got time It would be awesome if you could cover all maps, but woods alone would be still great
  6. Which loyalty lvl for armor/helmet?

    What's the good place to camp for players? I bearly take anything with me because of these ducking AI that insta kill me, armor seems to be a must.. so i'm just running around with pistol
  7. Which loyalty lvl is required for skier to start selling armor/helmet, and how much does he charge per each?
  8. Which trader sells gamma container?

    which editions has it?
  9. Can i buy it from trader or is it only reward from more expensive editions? i got standard one
  10. How do I refund this game?

    Who the hell buys game for the full price to not have fun in it? Don't know about you but I don't wanna pay them if it's not supposed to be fun, in that case i want them to pay me.. Not sure if you noticed but I didn't complain about bugs at all but gameplay and it's broken at the current state im sorry but you are being stupid here, i've seen people complaining about AI months prior to the close beta release, clearly they didn't do anything about it or reverted changes. If they want new players to come, they should do something about it to keep them.. How you can deny the fact that AI is game breaking for now? to the point that new players don't wanna play it, how are new players going to test this game for them if everyone leaves? Isn't this post share of my opinion about the current state of the game? i'm literally doing what you said players should do in beta, giving my feedback and somehow i'm stupid here.. just stop acting like a fanboy, and take a criticism. or do i need to say only good things about this game in my feedback for your approval?
  11. This game is not what I've expected it to be. I lost all my pistols which i got at start in the first hour, simply because I was stupid enough to think that AI is balanced, what a joke.. no matter how caution you are, if you don't have bulletproof vest, helmet meds and weapon, and don't know where AI spawns, you gonna have really bad time, please someone explain to me how being killed by AI that does 180 on you and puts one bullet in your head is ducking fun and challenging, one challange i can see is to keep sanity after that poo happens to you couple times in a row Why in a multiplayer game I have to worry about the AI ? And yea I know it might become less of a challange once I get better gear and memorize all AI spawn points. Yea but if i bring more than a hatched on a run, again, i have to worry about being killed by AI which sees me through the fucing leafs on woods map, that happened every time I took AK or leftover pistol.. Still got that top tier armor which I got for free but I why should i even use it as a new player? just to lose it in couple minutes? One common defensive argument i see is that this is not CoD and you gotta think before doing anything - i love it.. just what any fanboy would say, assuming that every new player comes from CoD thus they are worse than you, ignoring the fact that this game is just broken at the current state.. there is nothing tactical about memorizing AIs paths, loot/heat maps and having means to kill and not get fatally injured (armor) I remember very first trailer to this game that came out and I remember saying "damn.. i wish gameplay would be that cool as it's portrayed on this CGI teaser" which would blow dayz out of the water and then there was first gameplay reveal and was following this game since.. I love dayz, arma, cs, PUGB and it seems like EFT is next.. i have maybe 30 hours on MP COD (black ops iI) I always preffered tactical shooters.. Besides factory I played at woods only, I got graps of this map, where to go for loot and where is the exit (bunker A > rock > small building with car next to it > cabin > exit) not like i can take any other route because of a ducking AI.. and I get killed maybe 50% of the time by AI hidden somewhere, and whenever i hide behind the try and locate them to return fire, i'm already dead, and it's not like i'm reckless whenever i bring the firearm.. moving slowly scanning for targets, waste 20 min just to get shot by aimbot ai hidden god knowns where Now i'm forced to do hatchet runs.. farming meaningless loot, putting it to 4x4 container just to sell it for couple rubles. I didn't even loot single pistol.. I have 300k and can afford a weapon but what's the point.. is this what this game really is for new players? farming shitty 1x1 / 1x2 loot, and buying weapons for it?.. Playing as SCAV isn't fun either.. you basically can't tell if other SCAV is friendly or not.. and only way to find out is to be shot at.. much fun and then there is 20x10 stash and only way of upgrading it AT THIS MOMENT is to upgrade my standard edition which I already paid 55isdh dollars for.. duck off Good game is fun from the second you launch it for the first time, look at dayz mod / SA, sure it has its flaws.. many of them but you can't deny the fact that it was easy to pick up, fun to play and it felt really damn good when you mastered it