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  1. Magazine Dump Pouch

  2. reason people stop playing

    . . . . .. you're a nerd if you play with others, hey if you're playing with someone communicate.
  3. if you have a tac vest on it will unload into that.
  4. Identifying Teamates

  5. 5 man groups on factory is a running gag right?

    Fun fact the game will be open world one day with higher player counts.
  6. task Chemical, p. 4 BUG

    this happened to me on a few quest just survive another raid on that map.
  7. ACOG zeroing

    is it gonna be fixed any time, you have to aim so high to hit stuff with it.
  8. Toggle for Comtac Headset

    lol milsim
  9. Hatchlings are too fast? POLL

    found your problem.
  10. Why are Australian Players being forced onto Luxembourg Servers

    Nikita has said they are looking into this and will fix it.
  11. Field of View

    drag your fov slider all the way down and hit ESC then jump in game, enjoy.
  12. Mag dump pouch

    you wont drag and drop every bullet you will drag and drop and he will start to play a animation of him putting in bullets one by one.
  13. Mag dump pouch

    So as stated by devs in the future mags and ammo will work very differently, you wont be able to drag and drop ammo into a mag, instead if you wanna refill a mag your PMC will need to find cover and insert every round one by one, which means you will need to bring a few full mags into the raid. I was thinking maybe we can get a waist slot that gives options, one said option can be a mag dump pouch as pictured. A mag dump pouch is used to discard expended mags without having to re holster them in a tac rig, this would allow you to move ready to use mags into your tac rig from a bag. The pros and cons of this PROS: You will have another storage spot for empty mags (note only mags will be able to fill this space). This will shave a second or two of reloads as the PMC no longer has to re holster the mag into the tac rig (fast reloads will still drop the mag). CONS: You will weigh more due to bring more fully loaded mags (they get lighter as you expend ammo during combat). Your stamina will suffer from this, you will also suffer from dehydration & hunger faster (as stated in 1. these effects will get weaker over time due to mags getting lighter). So this is just a small idea for the future i'd like to see, if you guys have any ideas feel free to add.
  14. Why are Australian Players being forced onto Luxembourg Servers

    reported this before got told ever i have better ping to Luxembourg or all AU severs are full which i highly doubt cause i've played at 1am and still get it.
  15. Please set time to pick up Insured items for days not hours.

    there are plenty of places that have written into contracts that they will not hold an item over a certain time, and you're telling me you can't find 2 mins to sign in and grab stuff?