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  1. Paca back at 60 and Fort to 45? Logic?

    fort is still stronger just less durability
  2. Is EoD upgrade reset worth it?

    dont reset now just wait for wipe but you should definitely consider buying the eod when it goes on sale on the 23rd
  3. Weapon Glitcher 2/19/2018 10:10 PST

    no one cares.
  4. Official Poll: Wipe Vote

    because the actual official poll was posted here a while ago and not many people wanted a wipe.
  5. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    yay all the mall ninja mods i was hoping for i cant wait to make my roland special (even though its a 17 and not 19.)
  6. SKS needs a nurf

    csgo is on steam
  7. inappropriate names

    you seem upset over something stupid and the only reason you have given is "me and some other people might not like bad names" and "i have every right to be upset" have you considered i have every right to have an "inappropriate" name and "me and some other people might like offensive names"
  8. scav are so overpowered!!!

    holy crap. go play roblox
  9. Best Hatchet Simulator 2018

    i hardly read this at all but im just gonna tell you your post sounded sarcastic and i figured i would make it even better
  10. factory key to give away

    ill take it
  11. Best Hatchet Simulator 2018

    fixed it
  12. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    this guy looks like a boss
  13. First impressions: not good

  14. When are you guys going to the US to try out American guns?

    i dont think they are necessary but i think it does make it easier to take the spring out. the aftermarket spring also is supposed to soften the recoil impulse. yeah taking out the buffer isnt that hard but i have noticed most people dont really bother with it and the only people i have seen talking about removing retainer pins have been the type of dudes who do a lot of shooting and probably where the buffer and spring out a lot faster than most.