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  2. spawn camping

    And you shouldnt be able to see another player as they are spawning in. I know its supposed to be hard but its just straight up stupid in a video game that I can kill or be killed before I even recognize where I am. For example....on Factory, if I spawn in at ramp i know i just have to hop down and lean to kill the guy coming from blinking light spawn. Once that is done, I know there is a guy on my left that will either A: come through the door trying to catch me off guard B: sit at barrels and try to get me once I move or C: run towards platform and try to get into halls. Its a dick move to kill the guy at blinking light but i simply have to do it and every player who has been here for a while knows that. Scenarios like that really shouldnt be a thing. Thats really just a small instance and maybe not the best one but I can see where someone would get frustrated constantly dying 5-10 secs into a raid, especially with the horrendous queue times right now. just my 2 cents
  3. spawn camping

    Can we all just agree that spawning needs to be fixed...either you all spawn at exactly the same time or you get moved to another instance. The "spawn window" I keep reading about is a dumb idea to begin with. All I have to do is kill the guy that killed the 3 other guys that spawned in my general area and I get all the gear. My risk is low compared to the guy that took out the others before I even got in the game. All at once or you get moved to another instance. Thats my vote.
  4. Wow, this is bad...

    Not really silent, they could just track you through anything and it was an instant HS kill. It is annoying and I dont know why they would give scav's grenades to begin either. My biggest frustration right now is not being able to play Factory at all because of server load and Customs only every now and again. Im stuck in Woods and Shoreline and Shoreline is a microwaved garbage right now. I wish they would worry about stability and playability before they go start adding new stuff. Servers are usually better before 6pm EST from what I have seen recently.
  5. BSG are you trolling me?

    I spawned in with 3 mins and 32 secs left in the raid as a took me until 2:15 left to get my wits about me enough to take a screenshot. Are you serious? Am I crazy? Is this not a problem for everyone else? Its not even enough time fo r me to get to an open extraction if I had starting running as soon as I hit the ground. Seriously BSG.......

    I can play Customs but not Factory. Always stuck at "Matching" for 10+ minutes. Just came back to the game and already remembering why I left. This is turning into a huge let down.
  7. Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    please tell me you are joking
  8. Just Escape from Tarkov stuff

    While you are not wrong in it not being an exclusively EFT problem, it is more pronounced in EFT. Between this, and the scavs spawning on top of you, they need to get a handle on this as best as possible.
  9. Helmets...

    playing with fort armor does you literally 0 good. im done with this game. until they fix the desync, the ai, the ducking stupid leg telling everyone i know not to buy it until they have figured their poo out. this is past ridiculous. beta my ass
  10. My exp and stats are not updating?

    So why do I get exp for offline mode then?
  11. Helmets...

    and that is the worst mechanic in the game.
  12. Balancing, Matchmaking and Co.

    And I wasnt talking about making it a standard thing either. Give the option. That way when you die you know it was because you got out played and not because you came in with better gear than the next guy. AGAIN, NOT SAYING MAKE IT THE ONLY OPTION BUT MAKE IT AN OPTION. Would be nice to see a level playing field as an option when I just want to get in and dick around and not have to think about running up on some dude in full kit and I just plink away doing 0 dmg.
  13. Balancing, Matchmaking and Co.

    Do you think it would really be that bad if it was up to a certain level? say past level 20 you got put into whatever game was going on at that time. no matter the gear?
  14. Balancing, Matchmaking and Co.

    So I would say I am usually the type of person you are talking about but I can see where you are coming from but I have to say that it is possible to get gear with the way the game is right now, you just have to be very very slow and methodical. I would however like to see it as an option that only players spawning with a pistol can start a match together because I remember when I didnt have access/couldnt afford all the gucci gear and it was a pain in the ass. However, I do think it is possible in the current state to move past that if you use your scav runs and play smart. Get better with the easy to come by guns like the aku's and try to avoid the murder machines with the m4's, forts, and kivers. If you do get the drop on someone that is fully kitted........aim for the legs. I have lost more good gear to lesser geared players because I was just straight up out played that it hurts just admitting it. Just try to enjoy the game and adjust your play style to the situation because you can't do it the other way around.
  15. Post your record XP raids

    76 and change but forgot to screenshot. killing higher level players boosts xp like nothing else