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  1. Wrong taxonomy Version

    You DO realize this is a CLOSED BETA yeah?? You will not get anything... BUT, if you do... I just want some good runs in Factory again lol. I'm sure they will get everything sorted out soon. Jon
  2. VOIP?

    Awesome news! Yeah I felt like if I were to wiggle any harder I'd snap my back haha. Thanks for the news. Jon
  3. VOIP?

    We need... if only... team VOIP. It's really annoying when you go in as SCAV and another SCAV kills you instead of working together. Jon

    Probably got a lucky shot on a player and took it. Jon
  5. AS Val in factory

    Good lookin out. I'll get to checking those. Jon
  6. recommend a headset?

    I ust the Razer Kraken v2 7.1 VERY good. Jon
  7. Appeal to the players

    I had a AWESOME raid today and on the way out someone was camping the out and I got screwed over. Jon
  8. Twitch Partnership

    Old post but congrats! Jon
  9. USEC Forum Signature

    Looks good. Jon
  10. Quick Cinematic Custom

    Like it. Jon
  11. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    I kinda like it. Jon
  12. USEC & BEAR Medals

    Nice! Jon
  13. NO ESCAPE!

    Nice Jon
  14. " Beauty of Tarkov " An EFT Film

    Very nice Jon
  15. SIG MPX

    I have a MPX IRL and want one in this game so bad!