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  1. I was just shown this video myself, I am certainly hoping this is either addressed, or corrected/improved upon sometime in the future, perhaps during Open Beta.
  2. I think I got scammed by Prapor

  3. Self repairing armor?

    I'm not sure if this has to do with the armor bug, but has anyone else had their armor zeroed out, extract, and suddenly it's been repaired by 20'ish per cent?
  4. Hey guys, I know I've seen a few posts about the armor bug and how people need to "re-equip" their armor after repairs or when dropping in raid. However I've now been dropped three times today alone by a one to three shots from a scav via the chest. Mind you I have been wearing fort armor (that was repaired, and put in my backpack, then re-equipped in one instance), the other two were by looting said forts from a dead PMC. Approximately 40-50 points in durability. Both times, the scavs have done their trademark yelling when they see you, and I hear only a few shots, and I drop. No indication I'm even taking damage at that time. It's beginning to become frustrating with the fact I feel it's not just tied to "Yeah just re-equip the armor" it seems. "But AP rounds, dude." I'd agree, minus the third time it's happened today, when a scav one tapped me with a shotgun. The pump action. In the chest. While wearing a 40 dura Fort. That I had just looted from someone.
  5. Tomahawk power

  6. On Hatchetlings & Response

    Wait. Geared people are dying in one hit to hatchetiers? Weird, and here I thought geared people would take helmets.
  7. Spawn killed at 0 seconds

    Every like...1/20 rounds I will spawn into a raid late, but only by maybe 10-20 seconds. Which usually isn't an issue. The issue arises when you play a smaller map, like Factory. I dread spawning in late in Factory, since there is a very high chance someone is already peeking the corner I will spawn in. My character drops say, in breach room spawn in Factory, and heavy machinery man is already peeking my corner, and he can see my leg as I'm JUST loading in. Boom, I'm dead. This is absurdly frustrating, even if the chance of it happening is low.
  8. Is there really a fort armor glitch?

    I'm having this issue constantly. Even if I take it off, put it back on, I am constantly being toppled so quickly by shots to the chest. I can't count the times today alone I've been dropped by a shotgun while wearing fort, while having it say I died by "chest". It's frustrating, since it seems to be at random. I either take 20 bullets from an AK and then die, or someone one taps me with a shotgun. Hell, even the damned AI have been dropping me absurdly quick lately with the dang TOZ.
  9. To the geared 4 man squad I wiped...

    Sorry, not sorry. Free loot and more money!
  10. Getting Stuck In Doors

    Time to revive! Known: But not fixed yet it would seem. Just had this happen on the bridge at Factory, door swung open, killed the guy who opened it, but he uhm...kinda trapped me between the wall and door. I could not interact with it, at all.
  11. Empty gun noise. (Still die)

    Hey guys, I've run into a few instances where I have died when hearing nothing but an empty *CLICK* noise from my enemies' guns. Has anyone else been running into this by change? Example: Turn corner on guy who has Saiga, head CLICK CLICK CLICK, and just kind of...keel over dead. Did a quick search for "empty gun sound issue" and couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  12. Peacekeeper IV?

    Yep, my confusion has been alleviated. I'll definitely need to pay more attention to those requirements.
  13. Peacekeeper IV?

    I've been slacking! And that would answer it, guess I've just been shoveling lots to Peacekeeper. Thanks!
  14. Peacekeeper IV?

    Here are the screenshots. Neur0tix; I'm guessing so? I'm not entirely sure if I can gain rep merely by selling/buying now. Once quests really starting being implemented, I was under the assumption that you had to do those, to gain any rep with the traders now. So if I can still sell and gain rep, I'm guessing around 3.2 million spent with him might have sent him over? But again, it jumped from II to IV from when I was logged in from last night. EDIT: Does peacekeeper only have a level/spent requirement? Could this be it? I honestly never really paid attention to his rep, as he wasn't someone I considered majorly important, I just like MPXs.
  15. Peacekeeper IV?

    Thank you, both of you. I restarted my game, client and all. Peacekeeper is still level IV. I will go ahead and send a report in.