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  1. Natalino

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    I see why you expected something like that but remember, after all this is a forum and the game is called a forum RPG game for a reason. Thanks for checking it out though.
  2. Natalino

    EFT Emissary from Poland

    You are slightly late to the party. Just by over a year.
  3. Natalino

    New Emissaries Recruitment

    We have already revied all applicants thus far but feel free to apply if you have not already and we will look into it. Thanks!
  4. Natalino

    Moderation Team Recruitment

    Looking forward to work with another set of passionate EFT gamers who are in it to help the community.
  5. Natalino

    FPs stuttering

    The post here is speaking of the previous patch before this one. Which patch do you guys mean? Also, noted the issues regarding the support center. We will address that. Thanks!
  6. the latest minor patch solved my profile data loading problem please dont make it comeback . something in the patch helped me and i hope i dont face the profile data loading problem again . thank you .

  7. well it took that long to get to you Fam on account of the latency ;)


  8. Natalino

    Emissary for Oceania

    This is a post from more than a year ago mate.
  9. I actually live less than 3 hours next to you folks (Houston).
  10. Battlestate Games studio would like to announce the start of a partnership with Lone Star Armory, LLC, which specializes in building the finest and most reliable, accurate, and versatile firearms. High standards of quality, experienced professionals and attention to detail are the traits that Lone Star Armory, LLC has in common with Battlestate Games, who thoroughly recreate the real weapon systems in Escape from Tarkov. "We are facing two major challenges, said Nikita Buyanov, the head of the studio. — First of all, it’s the ultimately accurate representation of the weapon models in the game, but, equally, an important task is to convey the authentic thrill of using it." To successfully address these challenges, Battlestate Games specialists pay utmost attention to the preparatory phase, closely cooperating with the manufacturers. Any smallest detail can become crucially important for passing the final test - for consistency of a real in-game experience. The partnership between Lone Star Armory, LLC and Battlestate Games turns a new page in the development of first-person shooter games, bringing us to a new level of realism. Andrew Brady, the President of Lone Star Armory, LLC, offers his thoughts on the partnership. “We are incredibly excited to get a chance to work on the Escape From Tarkov Project with Battlestate Games. The qualities and desire that drive Battlestate Games to create the most realistic first-person shooter gaming experience parallel our commitment to manufacturing the finest and most reliable, accurate, and versatile firearms. The attention to detail when creating in-game models, mechanics, and visuals they employ is spectacular. We at Lone Star Armory, LLC strive to make our products the absolute best and continually improve them in any way that we can, Battlestate Games has proven that they share the same values.” TRANSLATIONS: Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Moderator @gianluzzz German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Germany @Cyver Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech and Slovakia @PugMonk
  11. Hi ppl , i don't want make this public but if you can check player nickname =>


    Big suspicion about cheat with a wall hack or something like this , he kill 4 menbers of our squad with preshoot without we did any sound and in 4 different position .

  12. Hello Natalino,

    I have created some t-shirts and hoodies.

    I want to ask if I am allowed to post the links on the forum and share them with the community.

    Don't want to get banned by posting something that I am maybe not allowed to.

    Thanks in advance, Red!

    1. Natalino



      Unfortunately, this is not allowed because it would be considered advertising and that is not allowed to do so on EFT forums. Sorry!


    2. Redseven


      I understand. Thank you for the quick reply. 

    3. Natalino


      My pleasure!

  13. Natalino

    You gotta appreciate this...

  14. Natalino

    How long will Open Beta be available for?

    There is no set time. It will depend on how things go and as needed.