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  1. Natalino

    MPA1 vs MP7A2

    I am going to comment on the rarity of an item and its stats relationship tied to RPG. So, EFT has RPG elements such as its skill stats, etc. However, this does not make it a full blown RPG game nor redirect it from being realistic. The weapon stats are attempted to be as closely good or bad to their real-life variants with some balancing and tweaks. A weapon could be rare due to many different things including storyline, etc. Not always because it is the best weapon or anything. Also, there will be more dynamic weapon spawning system which makes demand and spawn work together. Making certain things rare and others common, etc. Please note, that I am not a weapon expert by no means and my response to you on this is purely on rarity and stats. Not sure if you can mod the weapon to be better then the other or its relation with real-life variants. I am sure we have many within the community who can speak much confidently on the weapon specific topic than I am.
  2. Natalino

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Okay so, this is another new player post calling out cheater when you are struggling on your starting stages as I have already answered here: And to address your points: This gave you out a lot on the being new to EFT part. Since when are SCAV players not pro players? All players regardless of their skill in EFT play as a SCAV. SCAV playing is a feature in EFT. Not just for new or former players. Players are also very accustomed to the map in a way that they check specific corners and follow the sound to get you. You need to have played for a long time to know this and avoid mistakes that could get you killed. Nothing new to any online game. How about trying to google any other online game? I can bet you that you will easily find a cheat for it. That is how online games work. That is the sad truth. I have also answered it on my other thread saying: Oh, you will die even more. That is how EFT works. It is not easy. That does not make the game broken though. It will just take you more time and the understanding that you will die more often that you survive. That holds true for the majority of the players and very few will have it the other way around. And all that comes in time only. Yes, there is a learning curve. And that is what you are going through right now. As for realism, it is still a game after all and even more so a beta game. As such, not all features are available just yet. That includes melee features, takedowns, etc. But this is keyboard and mice. Not real life. There are balancing and also again, not fully features are implemented yet. You are calling trouble by stating that. The responses you get would be much more positive if you leave such parts out and be more civil towards others opinion and they would do the same for you. If you state your opinion and without even looking at the outcomes just shut down others by calling them fanboys, then do not expect anything more positive from others. Just an advice from my experience around communities and forums. All in all, your frustration is not new. You are just new to the game and it will take time till you go out of that stage of constant death and rage. However, you must understand that death in EFT is common and it will happen again and again. You just need to adapt to this game environment that EFT offers because not many other games do the same. The feeling is different I understand. I am also not shutting down your points. EFT is not complete and there are issues here and there. Hence why we are in a closed beta testing stage with continuous improvement to the game. Nevertheless, it also is not a cheaters hub as you painted it here and I hope some of my statements above will allow you to see it otherwise. Thank you!
  3. Natalino

    2019 plans

    This is not EVERYTHING that will be in 2019. There will be a lot more. I also cannot recall where there was an announcement that said all maps in 2019. I do recall us saying maps will come out faster than before but not necessarily all maps per say.
  4. Natalino

    New emissary for France

    Welcome! Glad to have you on the team.
  5. Natalino

    Sherpas gear

  6. Natalino

    2019 plans

    Which is why it's a pre-order. What you paid now is for the pre-order of the full game release. In addition to that, you also receive closed beta access because you pre-ordered the game. Just like how EOD received alpha access in the past and also DLC in the future. Now it would not make sense to charge you $15 and ask you for $25 more when the game fully release to continue playing, does it? NOPE!
  7. Natalino

    I will let you decided XD

    I see you getting shot to the face and dropping. Nothing surprising about that. Bullets kill. And that ingame name...where is my belt at??
  8. Natalino

    2019 plans

    Not every feature is included in EFT right now. Certain things are removed to be adjusted, improved, fixed and reimplemented. For example, the slow door opening. There are lots of features to come to EFT. Some new ideas, some planned from the start, some planned but removed and readded, etc. You get the point. None of these is done for false advertisement or anything. However, somethings might be done for technical reasons or gameplay reasons. EFT has come a long way since "3 years ago". Many things have changed. To answer your questions effectively, you would have to have witnessed the changes. This includes engine upgrades and player feedback. Many things have taken place and many things have changed. I also completely disagree with your statement that the current stage of the game is a disappointment compared to 2015. Even the least fan of EFT/BSG can agree that EFT has improved a lot since its initial release. They can do that if they have truly been through the years as many have. A state of a game is not determined by if you can flip a switch on or off. Thanks! "New 3-rd person character animations and optimizations" That does not mean 3rd person playing. That means, when you view others from your perspective, you are viewing their animation from your point of view and the animation you can see is what we mean by the statement above. Like a more smoother animation of other players that you see from your perspective.
  9. You go to the only place to purchase any package: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page And the price will be displayed and it will be the difference.
  10. This is not the place to post this, sir. Your post is more of along recruitment and not Sherpa section (We have a place for both). Feel free to repost this under the correct section or adjust it to the Sherpa section. Thanks!
  11. Natalino

    Emissary for South Africa

    Great new years motivation. Keep it up. We are also here to support you!
  12. Natalino

    Has anybody gotten this message?

    Not exactly sure what you are saying here or the point of this thread. But, yes, we do not accept player reports. Thanks!
  13. Natalino

    Lower weapon stance

    Such animation is planned, yes. However, not really the main cause of faction on faction kills. That is just PC online gaming for the most part in this type of games.
  14. Natalino


    That is not what EFT is. EFT is not a session based team deathmatch or free for all. Its way more than that with its own scene and storyline. What you are playing right now might seem like just jump in a raid, kill and extract sometimes but that is just part of the puzzle. Now to your point: the "SCAVs" on labs are called raiders. There are not SCAVs in labs since the location is hidden/secret and it is very dangerous for the SCAVs who are armed civilians. This is also why there are no insurance returns nor SCAV play on that map. Regardless, thank you for your feedback. However, this is the direction BSG is going with the lab map.
  15. Natalino

    How about some mobile app of Tarkov?

    There is your answer above ^