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  1. Problems

    Hello, To answer your questions one by one: 1. Yes, this is not an easy game. Especially for new players. 2. It will be frustrating till you pass that learning curve. 3. You not being able to kill him and getting killed could be many things. Even possible as a technical issue but knowing that you are new and possibly used to other games, it might not be. 4. PVE mode is planned with no progression but for you and your friends to go in there and play. But remember that this is not a game where you can choose your opponents since, in real life, you cannot do so. 5. There will be some type of training stage when starting out in the game in the future but not much of handholding will exist in the game. 6. Best recommendation is this: Find yourself a team which can at least show you the ropes. Have a good one and welcome to the harsh world of Tarkov.
  2. Nation Fusion Interview 2/23

    Well done and thank you for taking your time to prepare this.
  3. Happy Defender’s Day!

    Check the content of the price. Maybe you are looking at added VAT and payment method fee. But the discount should be applied automatically. Yes. You can do it from your profile: Yes Happy Defenders day. Just noticed your replies to him. Thank you!
  4. Programming Questions

    @djrapp3 Hello and welcome to Escape from Tarkov forum. First, of, I would like to reassure you that EFT is a very complicated project but the team working behind it is a very skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Especially when it comes to the Unity engine which is one of the main reasons for the choice of the engine the first place. We are also actively in communication with the unity engine developers to tackle issues as they arise. We also do get various suggestions like this from time to time and it might be hard to answer all of them about it. Mainly because some information is not announced publicly and also due to the people who can answer those questions properly on the technical side of things not being able to respond to all those questions due to time and the type of work they have to do. Which brings me to your topic. I am not sure how many of this we can answer. @dev-george would be the best person to answer all this but he is a busy man and some of this information might not be open to the public. But if he can, he will do so because he is awesome! Thank you for the mention @JAGUAR1950 and for taking your time to help out a new forum member as always. As for the positions, just to correct slightly: Natalino - Community Manager Blackb1rd - Community and Support team leader dev-george - EFT game developer/programmer Thank you!
  5. как я могу скачать игру купил пак за 1600 или как вернуть деньги?

    1. Natalino


      Please, contact @Chernobyl_52 or create a ticket. Thanks!

    2. Chernobyl_52


      По этой ссылке есть кнопка установить, нажав её вы скачиваете лаунчер, устанавливаете его на свой ПК и через него скачиваете игру.

  6. How come? What is it that you did not find as you expected. We can try to make sure that won't be the case. Thanks!
  7. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Just a small TAW community announcement since I received quite a bit report about few members: TAW has a firm rule against cheating and glitching. Even if glitching doesn't get you banned from EFT, it will come from TAW, and everyone is well aware of it. Those who do, they will get banned from TAW never to come back again. With that being stated, all the names that came to my attention are not TAW members, but they are using TAW tags. That could be for ''fun'' or to degrade the title of this community. We even had those who admitted to it before. I have gone as far as checking IPs of the names reported to confirm this and none of them have matched with TAW membership. To not name and shame, I will not be announcing their names but keep note that there are those who are using tags for this purpose. It is not allowed within the EFT forums. But if you find anyone with TAW tags glitching, or doing any suspicious activity, please, contact a TAW admin or me, and it will be taken care of. Thank you and play the game fair as it is meant to be plaid. Enjoy!
  8. Dev's am i supposed to even have this item?

    Correct and the launcher will be back in the game.
  9. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

  10. getting items from insurance error

    Hello, Please, send in a ticket with full info. Thanks!
  11. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Beware of the TOZ!
  12. free insurence on your wepons

    Most probably what others said which is your money is getting taken from places like your wallet but I still see on the top that your money is not decreasing. So, if you believe this is a bug, do it several more times, close the game and send in a bug report with your logs attached. We will take a look. Thanks!
  13. Player Holes

    You would need to send in a bug report about them for us to be aware and fix them. Thank you!
  14. New languages in Escape from Tarkov Here is the current full list. If there are enough interest and initiative, we can look into adding new ones possibly.