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  1. Natalino

    How med supplies work

    As others suggested, this will not be the case anymore hopefully after the 0.11 patch.
  2. Cool. Sounds like a Sherpa!
  3. Natalino

    Character not leveling

    Hello, I would write what you have now and go into raids and start calculating your progress now and see if this is actually happening. It is, please, send in a bug report via the launcher. Thanks!
  4. Natalino

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Escapers, Here are some materials that are work in progress. Enjoy! #DevilDog #Kotton #Summit1G
  5. Natalino

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    For communication between randoms. 1 word: Mute EFT is for a player base that includes you and many others. That includes those not on your discord or yourself too. You are not losing anything by this either. Assuming too much and also, there will always be bad apples for anything. Such as the complaints about each and every single feature that can possibly be implemented such as this one. When the solution is 1 word: MUTE!
  6. Natalino

    Nerf Melee

    Why though? It has been less effective than ever before now. You clearly do not want it useless. Poor Hatchlings.
  7. Natalino

    WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?>Worth 203,775 Ruples if sold!

    Been in the game for a while now. Must have just seen it now. Try it out!
  8. Very ambitious but I doubt you will see such a thing happening. Best to make those teammates around the community and bring it into the game. Best of luck though.
  9. Natalino

    Changing Launcher install location

    Not exactly sure what you are looking to do but basing off from what you are saying, you just uninstall and install the launcher again. When asked, select the location to be the local C drive using the browser provided. Then run the launcher as admin. Same for you then @Warrior_Ethos
  10. Natalino

    Leveling Ragman

    Send an email to support@battlestategames.com with proof of ownership of the account. It will be resolved within 24 hours or so. Thanks!
  11. Natalino

    This is why I play EFT.

    There will be VOIP whether I agree or not. There will always be people who want and do not want certain things. But I can tell you when it comes to VOIP, many people are actually waiting for it. All you have to do is mute it and have at your way and the rest of the players will utilize it. Simple, really.
  12. Natalino

    This is why I play EFT.

    That is one very weird way to look at it, to be honest. All I can say is that you will see how VOIP actually helps for the better more than you have now.
  13. Natalino

    This is why I play EFT.

    Wait for what? I am confused. With VOIP, the encounters you are getting such as this will only be improved and their frequency increased.
  14. Natalino

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    @Oranje's response for you was very correct and in this case, you are the one who is not well informed. We have announced recently that we are performing small updates in preparation of the patch 0.10 (Which is clearly not out yet), and this "little patch" of ours is not there to fix all problems but prepare things for the major patch. Due to this and other reasons, you will experience some issues and have less stability (Potentially) with these small technical fixes. This does not cause everyone to experience it but some do. Such as the crashes you have been seeing with some players. This is a game under development and such issues will occur during fixes. Thank you! P.S: It Has To Get Ugly Before It Gets Pretty!
  15. Natalino

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Sounds like searching for a needle in a haystack for me on that one.