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  1. Natalino

    New game modes?

    Hello, Sorry, but none of those are planned for EFT. EFT will only have Arena mode (Maybe the closest thing for your game mode C"), Raids and free roam. Thanks!
  2. Natalino

    Trailer patch 0.9

    This is to show you what is to come. A pure, not many efforts to editing or anything of that sort. Just raw clips of the upcoming additions with 0.9. You will get more than just an info since the smokes are coming and you will be able to get your hands on them in no time.
  3. Natalino

    Trailer patch 0.9

    You cannot be missing on such juicy information: That is TT. Not 1911. Most probably in the future though.
  4. Natalino

    The Beauty of EFT Concept Art

    This is what is available for now. Couple of them are here with slightly better size though:
  5. Natalino

    Dollar Glitch With Peacekeeper

    Yes. We will be fixing this issue ASAP. It is already known and it will be fixed. Thanks!
  6. Natalino

    0.9 Update

    Most of the time wipes are needed for the proper functioning of the updates. It is part of the development process. Most probably there will be multiple more before 1.0.
  7. Natalino

    General questions on weapon implementation

    There will be more handguns. Although it is not super difficult to do so, it is also not easy since we take a very serious look at the weapon mechanics such as their sound, various animations (Like a lot of the details), the general texture, etc. But there will be more.
  8. Natalino

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    Hello everyone, Please, stay on topic. The question regarding having a report feature has been addressed many times. This feature may be implemented in the future but not at this moment. This isn't really going to change right now but like I said possibly in the future. Thanks!
  9. Natalino


    Some from the many: Now you see! Unexplained death also does not mean that the person was cheating. Thanks!
  10. Natalino

    i have memory issue

    Hello, Optimization of the game is constantly being done and the game has improved a lot on this side of things on a major scale from the recent fixes. But from your DxDiag, I see that you only have an 8 GB RAM. You can play EFT with that at this moment but most of the maps (Especially the large locations) will need more resources so, your best would be to upgrade to a 16 GB ram and a lot of these issues you are facing will be resolved. But of course, improvements are being done on our side of things. This is just your immediate solution since optimization is not an easy task and it will take some time.
  11. Natalino

    Escape from Tarkov on YGAMES SLOVAKIA

    Glad you like it but this is a bit old of a news. Maybe we will have new ones since it's about that time of the year.
  12. here: Also, please read the section rules @tjmonster and follow it. Thanks!
  13. Natalino

    everyone spawn in the same time

    Hello, In the best world, they would not know where you would have spawned and what location you are heading to. Same for you so, here is my response to you on this. The spawn system is not final and it has been reworked multiple times which have made it a lot better than it used to be. But there is still work to do to improve it and that is exactly what is going to happen. However, one thing I would like to emphasize on is from what you said: This will always be the case even in the future for this particular reason, you should always look around your area. That includes your six. Thanks! TLDR: Spawn system is not final and it will be improved upon.
  14. Natalino

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    As Cyver stated, we do not ban for such things. We only ban for cheating and all these excuses are given are to hide the true facts. As stated before, all bans are reviewed manually by a person before they are set. So, in short, you have nothing to worry about as a fair gamer.
  15. Natalino

    Offensive player name

    Hello, We do not take actions towards in-game names at this moment but this might change in the future. However, we have rules against forum names and we take actions as found basis. Thank you!