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  1. Natalino


    Okay, now I see what you are saying. Thanks for the clarification. And yeah, that sounds like a cool feature. Not sure if you will see that in EFT anytime soon though.
  2. Natalino


    Can you not be able to do that using the software that comes with the keyboard or 3rd party? Just custom make one, no?
  3. Natalino

    21:9 Problems

    Please, send in bug reports guys. Posting on the forum is good for discussion but bug reports are far more important since they will be tracked through the bug tracker and handled accordingly. Thanks!
  4. Natalino

    Now I need rep to get LL3 Peacekeeper?

    Pretty much what others answered. This is intentional and also the quests are not final. There will be more additions and changes as it progresses.
  5. Natalino

    Tarkov Mobile Trading/Inventory App

    Something like this is already planned. However, you will not see that coming in right now. It will be a while till then.
  6. Natalino

    Updated Ammo Chart

    It will be updated.
  7. Natalino

    Clear all button for handbook

    Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Hi Natalino. Im having trouble with my device ID. Well really the BSG website is just failing to send an email to my email even though it has before. The site cant send an email of any type to my main email which is (mrcronk@att.net) I think it would be easier to just have an admin switch my main email to me secondary which is (JCronk7777@gmail.com) because i can receive emails to that one from BSG. Iv'e posted on the forum, emailed support, and started a support request and its been almost 2 days now with no response at all. so i dont know what to do now.

    1. Natalino



      Email changes are done by the user in profile settings. We do not change them ourselves for security reasons.

      As for support response, it's the weekend and not a business day, sir. 


  9. Hi Natalino, I have been scammed to take a standard edition account for more expensive price and am now stuck in the login page because the email is bound to the scammer, so I cannot play the game for forever. Can u provide some help?

  10. Natalino

    Sorry for the delay

    @Arty101 please, be respectful and follow the forum rules. This is your final warning. Thank you!
  11. Natalino

    Golden 1g phone

    Do you mean why it's in the game as a purpose? That you will find out. However, 1G is basically what stands for Summit1G streamer.
  12. Natalino

    Stuck when trying 2 sell or buy after a run!

    Please, send in a bug report. Thanks!
  13. Natalino


    How do you know they are cheating? Because they threw grenades over and over again? That just means they are ready for the wipe and just going into raids with dozens of grenades and spamming them. Either way, all cheaters are constantly banned and you just have to look at the tears and the buried corpses of the cheaters when they go back crying to the cheat suppliers if you recently checked the cheat website forums.
  14. Natalino

    Anti cheat connection lost

    If it is repeatedly happening, check around the forum and read for what others manage to discover. The common issues are running as admin, antivirus, firewall, cheat software on PC, proper connection, etc. If nothing works, please, create a ticket. Thanks!
  15. Natalino

    Sorry for the delay

    The positivity of most of you on this thread is amazing. That is the kind of positivity any development team can hope for. Thank you and well-done everyone!