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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW. How to join us in TAW! Need more Information before joining? We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours! The post was updated on April 30th, 2017. The PDF file update is on the way. Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE.
  2. Hello everyone, This thread will be dedicated to the famous threads being created around the alpha section of the forum which is the ''To the guy at ...'' themed threads. So from this post on, we will ask you to post any related threads under this thread to help us get things in order and provide a more organized forum. All threads with this theme will be closed and redirected here. In addition to this, this thread will also help you find each other easily since that is what the thread is about. It is about sending a message to the guy you have just met in the game. You can also come and check this thread and enjoy the experiences that others got in the game. Good luck on finding that someone and thank you for your cooperation to post on this thread instead of creating a new one.
  3. Cheaters ban

    Possibly will come in the future but not right now. Everything is working properly for now. Plus, imagine how many flagging there will be for every unexplained death. Remember also that when all these thousands of reports come in, there needs to be a tedious reviewing of the player and this will take manpower that is not smart for the current stage of the game.
  4. Cheaters ban

    By playing and earning it again, yes. But no other way. Remember, cheaters exist in any and all online games. What matters is how you handle them. They might be playing for a while but not cheating for a long time since ban waves are done daily now unlike before. Response to other main questions and comments: For those who are stating certain comments on groups and communities such as UWS and TAW community or any other, remember that cheaters exist in all online games. Killers, burglars, and generally criminals are found in every country and communities in the world. But what matters is how they are handled after the act. And I personally know very well that both these gaming communities are strict when it comes to cheating and glitching. Anyone caught in the act or banned from a game due to such behavior is removed. I can also confirm for you that the member TAW_OneViking was an old member but was confirmed by his actions via the EFT very effective anti-cheat and he was banned from TAW permanently no questions asked. Expect the same level of action from UWS on it as well since these communities do not have rooms for such abuse. I hope that clears up some of the concerns for you guys.
  5. New Emissaries Recruitment

    We added four emissaries to the existing ones and they will be announced very soon. All other applications have been reviewed and some are either rejected or just kept in mind. We will be leaving this recruitment open and trying to cover as many of these regions as possible. A lot of the applications are usually from similar locations which we are already established on. Thank you, everyone, and keep it coming.
  6. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    It does look real huh? Well, it shoots and it kills. At least in Tarkov! Not in EFT, yet.
  7. Olá operadores do Brasil e regiões próximas! Essa mensagem é uma resposta para as atividades recentes no fórum em relação à solicitação de servidores locais. Compreendemos completamente sua frustração e seus questionamentos e nós já percebemos isso, mas essa não é a maneira correta de solicitar novos servidores. Alguns membros da comunidade resolveram realizar spam no fórum com postagens usando a tag ''#BRAZILIANSERVERSNOW''. Nós entendemos a razão por trás disso, mas ao proceder dessa maneira você está violando as regras do fórum, afetando outros usuários e toda a comunicação realizada nessa plataforma. Infelizmente tivemos que tomar medidas severas com alguns dos envolvidos nessa ação para restabelecer e garantir o controle do nosso fórum. E é por isso que pedimos que não realizem esse tipo de ação, uma vez que esse não é o caminho certo. Nós adicionamos servidores australianos no passado devido sua solicitação, mas não foi através de spam, e sim através de análise adequada da base diária de jogadores ativos na região e implementação de servidores com o tempo. Tendo dito isso, planejamos adicionar servidores em diversas regiões do mundo e uma dessas certamente é a América do Sul, mas vocês precisam entender que tudo isso apresenta um custo de manutenção e necessita de uma base de jogadores suficientemente grande para justificar a disponibilidade de tais servidores. Por enquanto todos os jogadores da América do Sul e do Brasil se conectam em nossos servidores localizados em Miami, que são os servidores mais próximos da sua região e oferecem as melhores condições de jogo. Do contrário, não faz sentido e seria um desperdício. Não estamos pedindo que vocês parem de pedir, mas nós estamos informando para não realizem spam, pois não é o jeito correto de agir e solicitar algo. Vocês precisam sempre agir de acordo com as regras e normas de conduta do fórum, pois elas existem para o bem de toda a comunidade e nós temos certeza que vocês não querem causar problemas. Atualmente não temos um tempo estimado para a liberação de servidores para a América do Sul, mas iremos informá-los assim que tivermos notícias sobre a sua solicitação. Obrigado pela sua compreensão e cooperação sobre o assunto. E nós garantimos que não estamos ignorando vocês e sua comunidade. Nós precisamos da sua paciência. P.S: Essa publicação foi traduzida do inglês pelo emissário brasileiro @dimittri4gc. Obrigado.
  8. Honest talk

    The irony is you have 16 posts and all of them are just nothing but talks about how nothing is being done right but yet again you have a post here that we have answered many times. You also repeatedly break the forum rules with masked profanity. Please, use the search function, read our forum rules and also previous answers on this. We have had announcements on bans and cheaters. We do not accept reports nor complaints about it since bans are done in waves. Getting killed also doesn't mean they are cheating. It has to be a serious cheater that it has to be obvious for you to know they are cheating. And if it is that obvious, then they are either banned or will be. Remember that all games have cheaters and what matter is how you take care of them. In this case, they are being taken care of nice and easy. I would have been very satisfied to show you the emails that people send stating how they did not cheat at all and have been falsely banned. But a simple character name google search takes to their cheat site profiles and enough evidence in the game for them to be banned for. All that, you do not know of since you can only see what is left for now. So, reassuring you, we are actively fighting against cheaters. As for glitches, they are currently not being taken action upon since that is a technical issue which will be fixed.
  9. Instant replay cam after death

    Not planned. It's already in place and working very effectively. Player reports are not currently accepted in any form.
  10. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    No exact ETA, yet.
  11. New Emissaries Recruitment

    We have emissary position for Scandinavia which covers that region as well. Feel free to send in your application if interested. Thanks!
  12. New Emissaries Recruitment

    As I mentioned above, all previous applications have already been reviewed and you need to resubmit to be considered right now. Thank you for your interest.
  13. New Emissaries Recruitment

    Looking forward to seeing the new additions. Remember that if you already applied before, you would still need to send in a new one since all previous ones have not been accepted unless you are already an emissary. Thank you!
  14. Live Streams section in forum?

    It just takes few minutes until it gets up there but it's automated. The more viewers you have, the higher on the sort you get. So it goes from high view to low while you scroll down. Other than that, just choose EFT as your current stream and go live. It will be up there automatically. Even 0 view will show up fyi. Enjoy!
  15. Programming Questions

    @Maiacup, please, stay on the topic of the thread. I hide your comments due to that. Use the search function to find similar threads, please. Thanks!
  16. I have to much money..

    Too much is never an issue in my books. It just means time to up the gear you go in with and you will start losing big. Also, gaining big and that will lead you to level your traders and getting the things you need. I think that is your solution.
  17. Devs checking out

    An interesting claim. It is just like as if you read our mind. You are so good at it, sir. In seriousness, let's answer this: Nothing rolled back. Each update has been nothing but improvement. You talk about alpha like you have been playing it but you have only been here since the end of December 28, 2017. So, how were you able to compare? Have you been here for 2 updates? If you also have been reading, the text RPG is developed by the community team and not any game developer. No resource was taken from the game. All pure extra work for you and many who would want it. The only person who helped with it is the game story writer which is part of his job anyway. If you have been around for a while now like you claim to be an alpha gamer, you would know that we had a sale last year on the exact day and possibly exact time. It is a sale time that EFT does. Plus, why not? There needs to be no ultimate motive to have a sale. It only helps the project grow and allows those who were not able to play due to not affording it be able to join on the escape. We beg to differ and many others here would. As the patch note says, it is the first iteration of the net code fix. Anyone that knows the complexity of this project and net code fixes would know that an update cannot be to roll out in a week time that will fix all issues. If that was the case, it would have been done on day one. It is all a work in progress. Time to create support tickets since those will not be handled through the forum. Tech supports are mainly working via the tickets and they are being handled ASAP. Nothing is ignored. There is also no huge outbreak like you speak of. Anyhow, really disappointing that you even have such ideas about this project. This is not anywhere close to its end. If anything, it is the beginning of it. Have you seen the success it has been having? Why would one even leave it? This alone is a good reason if you do not believe any other reasons. Also, by now you should know how much dedicated and passionate BSG is about EFT and its success. But again, after all, you are entitled to your own opinion. Have a good day!
  18. Escape from Tarkov Database

    It will all depend on how this information is gathered and how much it borderline the term of service. I really cannot give you a solid confirmation on this. We plan to do various official informations in the future that are related statistics and generally I do not recommend any similar works like the one you linked especially at this stage.
  19. Programming Questions

    I told you all that he is awesome. Thank you @dev-george.
  20. Problems

    Hello, To answer your questions one by one: 1. Yes, this is not an easy game. Especially for new players. 2. It will be frustrating till you pass that learning curve. 3. You not being able to kill him and getting killed could be many things. Even possible as a technical issue but knowing that you are new and possibly used to other games, it might not be. 4. PVE mode is planned with no progression but for you and your friends to go in there and play. But remember that this is not a game where you can choose your opponents since, in real life, you cannot do so. 5. There will be some type of training stage when starting out in the game in the future but not much of handholding will exist in the game. 6. Best recommendation is this: Find yourself a team which can at least show you the ropes. Have a good one and welcome to the harsh world of Tarkov.
  21. Nation Fusion Interview 2/23

    Well done and thank you for taking your time to prepare this.
  22. Happy Defender’s Day!

    Check the content of the price. Maybe you are looking at added VAT and payment method fee. But the discount should be applied automatically. Yes. You can do it from your profile: Yes Happy Defenders day. Just noticed your replies to him. Thank you!
  23. Programming Questions

    @djrapp3 Hello and welcome to Escape from Tarkov forum. First, of, I would like to reassure you that EFT is a very complicated project but the team working behind it is a very skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Especially when it comes to the Unity engine which is one of the main reasons for the choice of the engine the first place. We are also actively in communication with the unity engine developers to tackle issues as they arise. We also do get various suggestions like this from time to time and it might be hard to answer all of them about it. Mainly because some information is not announced publicly and also due to the people who can answer those questions properly on the technical side of things not being able to respond to all those questions due to time and the type of work they have to do. Which brings me to your topic. I am not sure how many of this we can answer. @dev-george would be the best person to answer all this but he is a busy man and some of this information might not be open to the public. But if he can, he will do so because he is awesome! Thank you for the mention @JAGUAR1950 and for taking your time to help out a new forum member as always. As for the positions, just to correct slightly: Natalino - Community Manager Blackb1rd - Community and Support team leader dev-george - EFT game developer/programmer Thank you!
  24. Cant open messages after update

  25. How come? What is it that you did not find as you expected. We can try to make sure that won't be the case. Thanks!