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  1. kurgyn

    EFT Ammo table

    I mostly only meant price/effectiveness ratio. I do not mean that the M4 is inferior to the AK-74 in killing power at all. I meant that it costs way less to kill with an AK-74 than with an M4; in other words, the increase in performance on the M4 is not proportional to its cost over the AK-74. I still feel the M4 is the superior weapon in sheer killing power considering its lack of recoil, good control, and rate of fire. The ammo statistics are just screwy right now, and the highest tier AP ammo not performing as well vs. armor compared to the AK-74's highest tier ammo must hypothetically be a way of compensating for the M4's superior control and ROF.
  2. kurgyn

    EFT Ammo table

    They just nerfed Mk. 255- much to my disappointment. Their tables could have simply been switched; instead both are inferior to 5.45 rounds now. I really hope they are planning to buff M995 soon. Right now, everything is still screwed up: Mk.255 has almost ZERO fragment chance (what?! Frangible rounds that DON'T FRAGMENT?) and M995 has a ridiculously high fragment chance (since tungsten fragments all the time, right? [barring jacket material]). Meanwhile M995, going faster than almost every other round in the game, with a tungsten core penetrator, still has ridiculously subpar penetration chance. M4 seems ridiculously unviable because of it's screwed ammo statistics IMO. Especially considering it's price/effectiveness ratio vs. AK family.
  3. kurgyn

    EFT Ammo table

    I really don't understand the entire column for 5.56 Mk.255. I feel like it doesn't correlate real life specs at all. It outperforms tungsten-cored M995 in penetration and is far LESS likely to fragment? That is completely backwards. Mk. 255 should have huge fragment chance and little to no penetration. Perhaps this is why it is dubbed "questionable boi" in the table?
  4. kurgyn

    Updated Ballistics Chart

    Believe it or not, the wiki is pretty accurate right now as far as 5.56 goes. I tested them myself. I don't know what happened, but 995 has been nerfed and 255 does the most damage to fort. It's completely backwards. Meanwhile, the Tarkov ballistics blog is mostly blank with the old charts gone. 995 only does 9 points of armor damage to 6B43. 255 does like 14. Even though 995 has a tungsten core and 255 is made specifically for busting in to pieces on hard material...
  5. kurgyn

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Are you talking about the hallway? Were you a Scav?
  6. kurgyn

    Elcan 1x/4x top mount question.

    A bit unrelated, but the ReapIR thermal scope also seems to have a second mount for attaching it to an NVG harness. I think in the description it even mentions it being used as a monocular for thermal vision similar to night vision. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the NVG mount/adapters.. yet.
  7. kurgyn

    i want to die

    You may have been disconnected from the server for most of the raid and a lot of it didn't actually happen as far as the servers were concerned. FPS 1 in console will show if you have packets in = 0 which I believe means the server isn't responding.
  8. In short, the round was designed specifically to NOT penetrate steel, so it could be used in training facilities without the risk of rounds going through barriers and such. It fragments upon contact I believe. Otherwise the specifications call for the round to be on par with M855 in lethality. I don't trust the Tarkov wiki. I've never used Mk. 255.
  9. kurgyn

    No sound (bug?), getting killed

    Most of those situations are invisible scavs. They spawn invisible and their shots are soundless to everyone, but they are there serverside. If you start taking silent damage, stay away from all known Scav spawns and work your way to extraction. I made it out alive last time as the Scav shooting me must have had a shotgun and I was wearing armor.
  10. kurgyn

    SCAV's and their unstoppable grenades...

    I've had the exact opposite recently. Scav throws grenade, I watch it land in front of me, I try to run and get stuck on something only a couple feet away from the grenade as it explodes; but then miraculously remain unscathed! Well, besides my ears ringing and my vision blurring horridly of course. But then instantly die 0.03 seconds after peeking from an insane 100ft headshot from that Scav's toz/SKS/Vepr.
  11. Not a bad setup, eh?
  12. kurgyn

    Prapor rare sale item?

    I don't know about that, but I saw a stripped black AK74N for a blackrock rig right after the wipe that subsequently vanished too.
  13. kurgyn

    Next big update or wipe

    If you're talking about your starting gear, why don't you just profile reset?