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  1. Recent ~500 MB Update

    Patched added quests, fixed pistol glitching, added new gun as well as a host of improvements and fixes to the game. Patch notes are around, will most likely still be on the ETF subreddit
  2. How to max level Peacekeer?

    1M doesnt mean 1M because its counted in roubles so its like 1.8M or something along those lines
  3. The Future of Raids

    theres alot more maps planned plus open world with no loading times.
  4. Building Construction Sounds Question

    there is a couple of sound glitches at the moment so you have to be wary of them, like sometimes footsteps are too loud then you can't hear any, or the sounds f shots sounding like there right next to you but they are not (always startles me). Seams like sound is still a work in progress and have to remember its beta so they are still fine tuning how things work.
  5. Weapon Companies Thread You can email or fax 704-973-0600. This weapon takes glock mags too.
  6. Change 2 sight between them

    make sure your holding control first then right click i find if you press them at the same time it doesn't work properly
  7. How do you guys deal with the new scavs?

    yeah, this happened to me on shoreline at gas station, was in the hills scav near bins/barrels on the left looking towards the back of the gas station, i go to approach him to get a better shot turns around and starts shooting at me, luckily i killed him, tagged my legs up pretty bad, best way to deal with them is to make sure your wearing paca, land your shots on target quickly and anticipate them 180ing like that.
  8. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    I may have sprayed a 30 round mag down there, poor guy had no clue what was coming. The grenade box, just turned on him, I was walking a way up to depot and I hear a disturbing sound then our comrade dying.
  9. Why did i die here?

    Looks like he chased you, could of easily been in the rafters or south hole and would of seen you, you fled after getting shot and your fatal flaw was rushing to open PVE, should of stood your ground behind barrels and waited, it would of either been clear or he would of come out the door and then you would of had the drop on him. alot of the game is about knowing when and where to pick you fights. desync also could be involved.
  10. Painkillers and visuals

    yeah, when you take painkillers a sharpness filter is applied which is why everything looks sharp and clear, its to signal the painkillers are working,
  11. up grade

    I must of got confused with the starting items, was certain i was given more money and extra pistols going from standard to the eod
  12. up grade

    It is a straight answer, you get some stuff now depending on what you edition you got, like stash size, alpha container/gamma container, money and few starting things the rest you get when the game releases. its like what you got when you brought the standard edition but a little bit more.
  13. Guy take 40+ Shots and lives?!?!?!?

    Either he is lagging badly and desyncing or he is hacking, movement points out to desyncing more than anything, most people who hack on this game tend to not hide it and just go all out, which is also why im going more towards desync i bet his movement was slightly behind on your side and when the server checked where your shots are going, he wasn't there. Seen it before with scavs and other players, shot scav right in the head about 4-5 times only for him to turn round and kill me.
  14. up grade

    Yes if you reset your account gets upgraded to the edition that you brought, you wont get everything, but you will get stash size container and some extra money, the rest will be implemented on release. also if you want to wait 3-4 weeks till the next wipe do so, no one is forcing you to reset your account, just think of it this way, there is no point in hording guns etc as the game is in closed beta, there will be wipes and you will lose your stuff without even using it. The game is about risk reward right now, you risk taking your stuff out but that risk might pay off and you will end up getting better stuff.
  15. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    We use teamspeak, if your interested head over to the TAW website to sign up. All the information you need is on the website.