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  1. what happend?

    why is hatchetruns a thing now? feels like 80% of the players in my raids are hatchlings who races for safes, keys, weapon spawns and other things with no risk .. what happend to hardcore? Now i just sprint around not afraid of anything.. well maybe the shotgun scavs..
  2. shotgun scavs

    yeah i accidentally hit enter to soon
  3. shotgun scavs

    heyo what's up with the shotgun scavs? -yeah "the scavs should be hard blabla" but should they snipe you with the shotguns? For what i remember they have allways been like this.. Example: 1.Got one shottet from the garbage dumpsters in doorms to the roof by a 133 shotgun. 2.Got one shotted from the shoreline bunker all the way to the other side of the bridge by that bolt shotgun. etc etc got examples for days. "wear a helmet" yeah... then they zero out your legs from 500 meters. *uses shotgun* -Cant do poo to anything unless im up in someones face- Scavs should be hard but not unreal with some weapons...
  4. 15 hits really

    probably just some good old fashion desync + helmet.
  5. Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    Maybe encountered 1-2 cheaters of 3-4 months gaming.. that's like.. nothing to me. That is awesome.
  6. Grenades are broken?

    this happens if i press the "G" button more then one time.. happend like 2-3 times. don't know for sure if it's a thing or not or if it is in my head.
  7. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

  8. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Then you keep on trying untill you succeed.
  9. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    oh the "young man" thing... you old turd. you are not FORCED to do this quest? yes you like that slow playstyle and so on.. you have a hard time learning how to play more aggressive? _you_ have to adapt. "but i want the reward just like the other plebs" Then try and keep trying. "neglecting work, children, loved ones in general, life in general." maybe you should find another game or a hobby? OR JUST DONT DO THE QUEST. Why cant there be ONE quest that is not for everyone?
  10. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    oh you keyboard hippie, why would you want to remove the time limit? you afraid of action? u paralyzed in a bush at the spawn area? it is a PRETTY good reward from the quest so there should be a hard quest to do imo. if you want an easier game, play something that does not call itself a HARDCORE shooter.
  11. Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    no, dont remove the time limits.
  12. Picture of actual EFT server.

  13. Tank Exit Shoreline

    "i'm terrible at aiming, give players aimbot" just no and NO, you need to figure out how to find some good ambushing spots by yourself.. and it's not really glitching is it? you just need to know what rocks to jump up on.
  14. nsd recruiting (swedish players)

    Heyo! Nsd_spor here, recruiter for the swedish NSD clan. We are currently 3 active players who want more activity and raids. We are currently level 45, 45 and 37 and we where max level last whipe. The kind of player(s) we are looking for: -Have map knowledge -No fear in using gear (Don't have gear? We will get you geared) -Be a team player (Playing as a lonewolf won't get you far with us) -Have a sense of humour (We joke around alot) -Be 18+ of age (we are 25,26 and 30 yo) -Have a brain -Dont be a douché What we can offer you: A friendly, tight group of players that enjoys the crap out of the game. While being serious when playing we also have a great time with laughs. Don't be afraid to write a PM or just here in the post! /Spor **I know there is a multilingual forum section but no one seems to read it**