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  1. Stop blaming desync for every death you have

    I understand that there is definitely people with problems and that's unfortunate and I don't blame those people, hell, I had to upgrade my internet cause i'd just straight up disconnect when I first got the game almost immediately when i spawned It's just a thought really, I think a lot of people need to swallow their pride, often I see what happens as well, for example a lot of the people complaining about desync are the people that get ''one tapped'' but I have to say...what to do you expect if you're very close to someone with a gun? that also happens to all of us, randomly but also in real life people get lucky shots, how many lucky shots have those people pulled off? it's the same people that also complain the game is too hard or that its the team's fault for not doing this or that when they didn't really say anything....I'm not writing this maliciously, but I would like to help people in the sense that accepting that you are to blame most of the time will make you so much better because you'll think ''I really shouldn't do that again'' run in your head what you could have done different, you know? blaming everyone else for it will only hinder you is basically what i'm saying.
  2. Ok, I get it, it happens to some people a lot but every single person i've ever played with pretty much (played with a lot of people, few are exceptions) every time they die its like bro i got desynced so hard just then, I'm saying....what are the chances that all these people get dysync just as they get killed but not any other time in the game. I get it, you guys are mad that you died, I see that a lot but the reason i'm writing this post is that I wanted to say that you'll never actually get better at the game if you never blame yourself for your mistakes because you won't think you're at fault and you can't learn, I think its time to stop blaming desync, I get desync when other people get it sometimes and when i get it others don't etc and I can clearly tell when its happening, I understand that different people get it at different times but come on, its like every match, if its that bad...don't play I know this post seems harsh but I think maybe it needs to be said (plus its very annoying when people call desync suddenly every time they die which is fairly suspicious) Thoughts?
  3. Medical animations

    Alright so...listen I heard that people spam medkits when they get shot and who the hell can bandage when they've got both hands on the gun? we need animations because 1: we should pick and choose when we heal and people don't spam 2: immersion...I had another reason but i forgot it, discuss.
  4. Need a group? (Any Age or Skill level)

    it doesn't work for some reason but i'd like to find some people to play with now as no one's on , are there people on now?
  5. Military/mature players to squad up

    hey guys im not military but interested in playing with some people and learning some tactics, i know i'm not military but I am a medic if that counts?