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  1. RSASS Glitcher

    Hey guys, I ran into this guy who was glitching his RSASS. He accepted my friend request and was happy to report that the devs will do nothing about his cheating ways and that the devs are ok with it. I didnt dedicate a whole video to him so check out the rest of the highlights and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance
  2. Hatchling commits suicide

    Hey guys! Just started making EFT videos. This is my second one. looking for some feedback as well. Link to video
  3. Suh dudes. I've been playing Tarkov for almost a year now and decided to start creating some content. Looking for some community feedback on my first youtube video. There is a nade glitch in my video as well (I think), not click baiting this early. Things I know I know I could improve on. I curse too much. I'm from New Jersey. Words are hard without cursing. I have no fancy graphics or logos yet. Prob could use some transitions. I'm just looking to bring a little more flavor and comedy to the community. I also expect to get roasted...because its the internet.
  4. New streamer

    New guy streaming some EFT. Been playing along time so not a noob.
  5. Cannot get to lobby screen

    Same issue as others. Can't play