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  1. PardTheTroll

    SLClient.dll Virus???

    Ich benutze Bitdefender Total Security zum Beispiel. Keine Meldung. Von Avira schon seit 6 Jahren weg. Hat immer nur Probleme bereitet. Vor allem als kostenlose Version.
  2. PardTheTroll

    War der PVP Hauptaspekt ein Fehler?

    Ich finde, BSG ist einfach zu ambitioniert. Die wollen zu viel auf ein Mal. Deshalb können sie meistens Ihre Termine nicht einhalten, welche die sich vorgenommen haben.
  3. PardTheTroll

    War der PVP Hauptaspekt ein Fehler?

    Ja und nein. Ja, "könnte" die Entwicklung vereinfacht haben, wenn BSG mit PvE anfangen würde. Nein, ich stimme einem PvE-Fokus nicht zu. Aber das ist persönliche Meinung. Im Endeffekt würde das Game doch auf die selbe Bahn kommen. Egal ob du mit PvE anfängst und dann mit PvP weiter machst oder anders rum.
  4. PardTheTroll

    Tarkov needs Endgame

    The current "end game" envisioned by Nikita and his Team is: Story mode: Escaping the Tarkov Arena Mode: Depending on how it will work out, maybe even competitive viable Free Roam Personally, I do not expect anything like "end game" in the testing phase. That is not, what it is for. I´d rather burn my self out on this little bit we have and be exited for the whole game, when it is done. Besides, BSG has more important issues at hand than "end game". I rather see them improving/fixing/implementing (basic) game mechanics, than anything else.
  5. PardTheTroll


    Please tell me, that the number 2000 in your nickname is your birth year ...
  6. PardTheTroll

    A silence emote

    Well, that's something useful I´d say. If I had any reactions left, I´d up vote this! +1
  7. PardTheTroll

    anticheat still useless ?

    What makes your word weigh more than those of the deniers though?
  8. PardTheTroll

    Lights, Jumping, and more

    1) Agree. Pretty sure it is somewhere along the "optimization" path. 2) As far as I know, it is known and planned. Already foreshadowed in one of the first Developer Diaries. You will also be able to switch lights on and off with appropriate switch. Don't quote me on that, but I remember them saying, at least turning lights on/off, will come with new map in next big patch 0.11. Cheers!
  9. PardTheTroll

    Make Fence of use

    Not sure if it makes sense, but why not let people sell only full durability items to the corresponding traders and everything "used" like a Salewa (378/400) wont be bought by Therapist or an AK-74N (78/100 durability) wont be bought by either Peacekeeper, Mechanic nor Prapor, but Fence? So, people can buy random (used) gear from Fence for a good price. I also thing Sounds good, but I am not sure the probability of this is very high, is it? This is great! I think it would make even more sense, when the traders were more limited in their equipment range they sell (as it is planned in the future). So fence could have a bigger variety of special sales, which aren't as easy/cheap to get or can't be bought at all.
  10. PardTheTroll

    Bullet drop physics in Tarkov

    Greetings BSG Devs and fellow players! I recently got into a discussion with a mate of mine concerning accuracy and bullet drop mechanics in Tarkov compared to real life. While having very good understanding of physics, I am no pro, when it comes to ballistics. Anything wrong I say, you may correct without even a second thought. So, the discussion started with a short story of my mate of his time in military service, after we were tarkoved and got salty. He told me, that they had shooting practice with a rifle chambered with 5.56 x 45 mm. Only with an iron sight. 300 meters away from the target. At first, I didn't think much, besides that it must be quite hard to aim, as the target should appear quite small at this distance. But I have been proven otherwise. Not only was it not really hard nor time consuming to get an aim on the target, it was also "easy" to hit the target after a quick adjustment after the first shot. Sure, it does not compare to an actual combat situation where time and pressure work against you, but still. What amazed me even more, is that he didn't even had to adjust that much. Yes, considering the force behind the shot and the maximum velocity of this caliber of 1100 m/s, it should't be much of a surprise. But now let me come to my actual question: On what kind of physic are the ballistics in Tarkov based on? Everyone must have noticed, that the bullet drop is pretty strong in this game. If comparing the adjustment through/with an iron sight that is. Also, today I discovered a pretty interesting video covering the lethality of 9 mm bullets (cartridges?). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wXFf34bB34 After this one, I want to expand my question to: Why it is the way it is? Is it because the maps are not big enough? Is it because it adds a higher skill requirement to land shots on targets located further away? In the end I do not mind, even while this game tries to be as realistic as possible, that we have "unrealistic" bullet drops. I don't specifically dislike zeroing, when trying to one tap an unaware pray. It kinda makes my inner voice tingle. While having done no test to compare the different ammunition types we have, I´d like to them to have consistent and proportional bullet drop. Be it realistic or not. Just consistent! I´d also like to know, what fellow Tarkoviens think about this. So don't hold back to share your opinion! Cheers!
  11. PardTheTroll

    when is next ban wave?

    for the thousands time ... bans are not in waves, only the posts are ...
  12. PardTheTroll

    Everything inevitably getting higher

    Not true, if you ask me. Only specific items get more expensive (at least the last few days). Some even went down again, like the NT-silencer for the M4. Things like UN armor and helmet went down. Ad did Kirasa armor. Yes, the system is not perfect yet. It will need some tweaking and time to balance itself out. But this would only happen, when wipes stop.
  13. PardTheTroll

    Aus dem Spiel ausgeschlossen, weil ?

    Weil er gebannt wurde. Sprich während des Spiels hatte er irgendetwas an, was das System von BSG ausgelöst hat. Nach dem manuelen Auswerten durch eine befugte Person, wurde entschieden dass es ein Cheat gewesen ist, was für oder auch nicht für Tarkov verwendet werden kann/wird.
  14. PardTheTroll

    Aus dem Spiel ausgeschlossen, weil ?

    "Nachts sind alle Katzen grau" Somit weiß ich nicht wie du urteilen kannst, dass er nicht gecheatet haben soll. Nur weil er sich eine Minute länger Zeit beim Schreiben gegeben hat und mal eine andere Ausrede als "Mein Freund war am PC, als ich auf dem Klo gewesen bin..." gebracht hat? Ich habe einige Messprogramme und Programmierumgebungen, sowie MATLAB auf dem Rechner Job/Uni bedingt. Tortzdem nicht gebannt. Obwohl ich die "tools" hätte mir selbst was zu schreiben ...
  15. PardTheTroll

    Gear Not Rendering In

    Sadly, nothing new. For them to max out drawing distance of items, they need to optimize the performance of the game first.