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  1. PardTheTroll

    Why even wear a helmet?

    You just couldn't invest 1 min of your life to searching for an existing thread. Of course not! Lets spam the forum! Enjoy the read! Maybe you can delete this post on continue your "outrage" on the one already existing ...
  2. PardTheTroll

    Bizarre Flea trades?

    Won't be the items inside the cases also be traded? So, people just trade items that way, I guess?
  3. PardTheTroll

    Reveal time how long corpse is dead when searching it.

    Not sure you have to be a doctor to tell if a person died just now, recently or a while back. Especially if you saw enough dead people, as a PMC I suspect would. Sure, the times should be adjusted for the short nature of the raids, but would be a cool addition. Especially on bigger maps. @BananaJoo I am pretty sure, that the devs did say at one point, there will be more interaction with dead/unconscious bodies. So, wait and see.
  4. Wer lesen kann, ist im Vorteil. Damit ist nicht 0.12 gemeint. Sondern einer davor, wie der Hummz21 erklärt hatte. Sehe unten:
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  6. PardTheTroll


    The main problem is the rendering distance of those. Last time I checked, they wont be rendered beyond 20 meters or so.
  7. PardTheTroll

    do leg shot kills not work on bots?

    I am sure network performance plays a big role here, because the hit registration is very dependable on it. To be honest, I do not have problem one hitting them in the head. While I must admit, that sometimes I have to make two shots (hits) with pistol rounds at least. But can assure you, slugs to the head work 100% though
  8. PardTheTroll

    do leg shot kills not work on bots?

    Noticed something similar also. Shot a Raider 6 times with slugs into the same leg. 205 dmg, only. Who knows, what laws hey abide.
  9. PardTheTroll

    PvP System

    So, basically a Karma-system? Is planned. Devs don't really have a complete idea how to implement it yet, though.
  10. Did you guys back up this game (buying early, EOD, etc) to support the development of a one of a kind game? Could care less for stuff I can get in game anyway.
  11. PardTheTroll

    Fail on the LABS MAP

    Why would you have maps in your container to begin with?
  12. PardTheTroll

    I Got killed By half a Usec!

    Jesus, relax. It is a rendering bug. Have seen it with my friends.
  13. PardTheTroll

    Can i pls have some ammo?

    Well, no one is forcing you to buy this ammunition. There are enough alternatives, which can be as successful. I personally never go with the best ammo. I have the money, but I do not see any reason to do so. I guess there must be a price, if you want to instantly one shot people. Hell, a friend of mine is successfully killing Raiders with just an mp5 ... "400 rounds for a single good raid"? A good raid would be just 30 rounds to kill a few geared people. But now I am just nitpicking. Play enough or die enough?
  14. PardTheTroll

    Can i pls have some ammo?

    Haha, true. He got so much money, but doesn't want to buy it for a few rub more than at the trader it is originally sold at With the money you have, it seems you have been playing enough trading simulator yourself
  15. PardTheTroll

    A Solid Meme.

    Kinda late to the party, are we?