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  1. Exactly! If someone doesnt want to get himself the advantage through investing in more/better gear, he should do it through smarter plays instead of demanding nerfs everywhere they go. Ofcourse the game needs balance! But in my oppinion through a realistic approuch of what is possible and what is not!
  2. PardTheTroll

    Day/Night Cycle

    At the moment when joining a raid, we may choose if we want to go at day or night time. While the day/night cycle is still dynamic, noone stays in a raid or joines one where it is getting late. Tarkov at night is another level. Allways reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Sadly I do not play it at night very much. I suppose there are two reason. Either only a few hatchlings or (rarly) a squad of nightvision wearing Sam Fishers (which is not bad ). You never gonna have a similar experience in raid population as in a day time one. I know that at the beginning of CBT and in alpha there was only one time to choose, if I remember correctly, and it made sense. It allowed a dynamic gameplay experience in my oppinion. People had not only to fit their loadout for the map they also had to consider the time. So either flashlights or nightvision had to be bought. Firefights at night are a blast! So, I´d like to suggest to bring it back. Maybe it is just for testing purposes as it is right now and will change, but I think it would enhance the "Tarkov flair" by a lot. Give flashlights and nightvision optics a job again. Ofcourse I wouldnt open this thread without expecting some other opinnions on this. So be my guest and leave your oppinion on this matter, as noone did it in the forums by now (Or I just didnt dig deep enough). And please not just a simple yes or no. I´d like to know why or why not (maybe the devs too).
  3. I think as long as the game is in its testing phase, it doesnt matter. People have to test all the items. For now BSG wants data on game and network performance before anything else anyway. And it was stated that the economy and everything connected to it WILL be different (a lot) ) in the final release. In the final release though, armor and all advanced ammunition should either be quite expansive and the trader should have a strong limited amount of those OR it should be searched for it in specific raids. Like certain drop location which are not allways there and when they are, they have special criteria to access those. Just my two cents.
  4. PardTheTroll

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov 01/08/2018

    The thing is, for me it sounds like there will be wipes after release. Which ofcourse makes no sense, as it was stated there wont be any.
  5. PardTheTroll

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov 01/08/2018

    I am mildly confused and concerned ...
  6. PardTheTroll

    Remove hunger and thirst

    No, thank you for creating another thread about a feature someone is upset about. The best of it: like most of those, the OP doesnt give a flying hotdog about the responses. Why make this thread, if not to collect pitty or likes?
  7. PardTheTroll

    Remove hunger and thirst

    You guys know, that the time goes faster in the game right? Like 4 times or so. Now try it yourself: Go outside and do some exercises for 1.5 h with 20 kg equipment. Oh and dont forget a back pack filled with even more stuff. Then tell me again how you didnt need a drop of water after that time. For real now, how hard is it to take something to drink with you? You can even find drinks on every corner ...
  8. PardTheTroll

    Is face hitbox a good thing

    Isnt the Fast MT helmet bugged (face shield)? I was never one shot in the face wearing Altyn with the big face shield (the better one). Allways feel/see those marks on the face shield or the helm itself.
  9. PardTheTroll

    Is face hitbox a good thing

    Dont know what game you play, but I was saved by helmets many times. Most notably when your vision gets blury and ears start ringing. Sure, since the change I died more often to one clicks and probably killed more people the same way, but it was also possible to do so before the change when used with bigger ammo (Except Fast MTs, while sometimes it did happen). The idea itself is fine and should stay imho, but they should fix the facehitbox itself, as it seems to be bigger than it should be.
  10. PardTheTroll

    Servers with subscription fee.

    But noone forced you to buy the biggest edition, did they? And the whole thread is just a suggestion. No need to voice yourself three times with the same answer. I think everyone got it the first time.
  11. PardTheTroll

    Servers with subscription fee.

    Isn´t the problem supposed to be caused by the games netcode and not the servers itself? If I remember correctly in the Battle(non)sense video, the servers used by BSG are top notch. So it would make zero to no sense to implement something like pay to play servers, as long the game itself is struggeling in the performance. On the otherside I like this idea! I am (as a student even) more then happy to pay something like 10-12 € a month to play this game. Why? Because I think, and I may be very wrong, it would improve the game service and further support a project which I hope will reach the "perfect" form we all are waiting for.
  12. Are you serious? Ofcourse a full kitted squad will be nigh impossible for someone without moderate equipment. But as you say: Player (low gear) vs Player (high gear)? I allready lost count of how many fully geared guys, even duo squads, I managed to kill while being poorly equipt or playing a scav with just a pistol. Was also killed the exact same way more than I would admit ... You either dont play this game or run with a hatchet 24/7.
  13. PardTheTroll

    Why are hatchlings so taboo?

    Noone said hatchlings are taboo, they are just unwanted. In my oppinion it is unrealistic when a lumberjack runs through a warzone. But there are a few things in the current state of the game which fall into that category, so lets say this argument doesnt count. While everyone can play the game he bought the way HE wants it, it still wasnt designed to be a logger simulator. They run to high loot areas, get as much loot as they can, then they either extract or die. Leaving people who take their gear out, no other option as to just kill other geared people and exract as looting dorms and whatnot has no meaning. They expect people to let them live, so they can get a gun from a dead scav and kill the geared dude from behind. Mostly still dying. But people have been fooled by this too much to ever trust those ever again. Is it? I have many raids completed, while only surviving 35% of those. So my survival rate isnt even near good. Still have a full stash full of everything I want (Forts, F-MTs, m4s etc.). I do not have millions of dollars or over 10 million rubbles like some people, but I also wouldnt have any use in it either. So tell me how bad has someone to be to have nothing? Are people simply not cut out for this game or are they just not trying to improve? Now back at you: Why do you favor hatchet runs? Why do you play a game with cool weapon animations/gameplay, when you just run with a hatchet? Wouldn't games like MineCraft, Rust etc be better in terms of felling trees?
  14. Sorry to disappoint, but you are late to the 16 Gb party ...
  15. You just answered your own complain. People are allready freaking out to have to do all the quest again after a wipe and you suggest that they shouldn´t be able to buy weapons as easy too. It is a test phase, people should be able to get stuff and test it. Not to grind the whole day to just buy an AK47N and die 5 seconds into the raid, right? The Devs need data after all ...