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  1. PardTheTroll

    Why is there no Auto ban?

    So if I see a squad jerking off on a cookie in a circle, I am not allowed to spray their heads down? Thanks for that I guess ...
  2. Cant you hesitate yourself? That is a mechanic, which does not need to be simulated ...
  3. PardTheTroll

    Helmets need to be realistic

    Well, I´d say there would be no need to make helmets being able to take rifle rounds, if headshots werent so frequent. Especialy since the face hitbox has been implemented, everyone goes for the head. Cant blame anyone though, as it is the deadliest zone in most, if not any, shooter ever released. Sure, helmets werent designed to take rifle rounds, but why is that so? Because going for a headshot kill is not the norm in reality ... Need to balance it out, so the gameplay doesnt suffer from mechanics, which just dont translate too well into a game ...
  4. PardTheTroll

    Problematic arcade recoil mechanic

    There have been multiple threads opened recently about recoil mechanics in EfT. Dont tell me it is that hard to just post it there to keep those threads alive and let the devs see that the community cares?
  5. PardTheTroll

    We've got a problem.

    While looking at people like UnDeadDemon and what he writes, I allways wonder what kind of human sits behind the keyboard ...
  6. PardTheTroll

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Mosin or not, going fully geared gives you a slight edge over the others. A slight one. It is supposed to be realistic after all. Not sure what you expect going fully geared yourself. I find my self saved by level 3 armor quite a lot allready. So cant wait, to get my hands on better stuff. (Yes, dont have anything better than lvl 3 right now. Only lvl 19 and rarly see geared guys.)
  7. Again, you didnt read. The headshot topic was brought up just on the side. Headshot or not, people can full auto others quite well. Prone or not.
  8. You didnt really read what I wrote. Full auto is fine as it is in CQB. Again, you didnt read. I never said there are too many headshots because of spray and pray, full auto berserkering. It was just a side note, which connects to the current accuracy/aiming mechanics in EfT. It is too easy to go for the head in the game, then it is in real life. Be that for whatever reason. I am not here to discuss that. Yes, long bursts. Bursts. I thought we are talking about full auto mag emptying? 20 degrees maybe not. But the bullet still has a deviation. We dont have scan hit weapons in EfT. Than why do you think we have this topic, that full auto should be changed? Because people get mowed down in CQB? It is because people like to dump a 60 round mag into someone in distances greater than 50 or 100 meters and are quite successful/accurate at that too. Sure semi fire is better, but mid/long range full auto spray is too good. Thats the only thing ... Again, you didnt read. As I stated "it is easier in game than in real life, as we dont experience the same pressure!" You cant translate it that easy. Also comparing a big front, where unexperienced soldiers fought, while bombs and what not exploded besides them. Comrades been killed and guts lying everywhere, is not the same to a small area, where highly skilled and trained PMC are making their move on some rouge civillians. As you said. It was chaos! Again, to a certain extent! While here I have to add, as also stated in previous post, I personally dont get sprayed to death that much at bigger distances anymore. And this is, again, the only problem people have with full auto. Not what happens in CQC/CQB. With this answer you just showed me, why a lot of people are hating on you. You dont read what others write and just continue with your opinion. Which can be a language barrier for what I know in regards to understanding. But then you give inappropriate examples, which proof nothing. You over exaggerate about what people are dissatisfied about. You should really rethink, how you approach such threads and the interaction you do with people trying to have a civill/good discussion with you.
  9. One the one hand, I agree that the game has the stay realistic. But on the other hand, certain mechanics cant be translated well from RL to ingame and vice versa. It is easier to aim in a game, than it is in real life. Be it because of the way the game is designed or the shooter having less to none preasure in a combat situation ingame compared to a real life conflict. There have been two threads discussing it lately. Mainly because headshot are way too frequent in hectic CQC/CQB encounters. I dont have a problem with full auto per se, but with the many headshots occurring. Making the recoil greater towards the end, would decrease the long range spam. But who have been killed like this lately? It is/was like the only issue ever with full auto spray. When I play, I encounter people shooting in bursts and single shots (more than 100 m). CQC/CQB is fine, if headshots not counted. I personally like to stay on single fire even in CQC/CQB. Well, because headshots are more rewarding as it is now (not saying they should remove headshots or nerf the damage done or something bizzare). Increasing the price is again something for when the game would be finished and we´d had a final economy system. For now everyone has enough money to pay even 10x for the ammo. At least people rocking full modded AKs and M4s that is. People not having so much money play with different weapons anyway. Mosin, SKS, VEPR even, which is not bad. I like to pimp me a VEPR or SKS too from time to time. So I get your concern about full auto, but there is no sense in suggesting a price increase and expecting people using full auto less. Not sure it would happen. Not in the current test build we have at our hands that is. Noone knows how rich/poor people will be in the final release. As for Klean, yes he and other streamers, might have too much influence regarding the devolopment. But besides the buff to the ammo for AS VAL and VSS, I cant recall anything which has been changed after his request (you may list his accepted suggestion ofcourse). I am not sure, if he has that much experience in firearms that he came up with the idea about recoil, but I dont have any so cant really tell if it is good or bad. From a logic point of view for me though, when watching those videos, it seems that going full auto and compensating through leaning towards the recoil and reacting with muscle memory or whatnot, seems to be quite the task in itself. What is their accuracy at distances over 50m or even only 30m? Yes, they look stable enough (not the big guy though) but are they on the target or just shooting random in one direction while trying to maintain their position? I am pretty sure they arent htting the mark 100% of the time. Maybe just increase the stamina consumption when full auto shooting? Not sure how realistic it is, but at least watching them it seems a bit tiering. For now ingame we have only stamina consumption from aiming down the barrel. Not the shooting act itself! My two cents, Cheers P.S. I bet the final durability system and what come with it (jamming etc.), will have quite the impact on full auto also.
  10. I have to admit, thats a good one. Another day, another new thing learned.
  11. To be fair, he wasnt laughing at them, but rather pointing out the most common excuse for the less "hardcore" crowd of people. And I kinda understand him, because where is the sense in a game like Tarkov or any other long term progression game to have everything after only a few hours of playing? Just because here are no lootboxes to boost one self to endgame, doesnt mean it has to be fast naturally. While on the other side, this argument doesnt hold much ground, as we are having only a "test-build" at our hands. Having a rather fast progression compared to what is actually to come. So noone, also eftballistics, cant really make a judgment on this topic. As noone knows how it will be. But why are you searching/reading his threads? Why not just ignore them? You are so annoyed by him, but still looking for more confrontation with him
  12. I thought you didnt want to come back to this forum? What happened with Reddit? Now now, no need to go that far. Who bit you that you are getting so riled up? I mean obviously you cant stand eftballistics, but why are you pulling your pitchfork all the time? You are worse than him buy now in terms of creating useless threads and shitting on people. Everyone is allowed to post his oppinions or ideas for the game. So it is not against the rules, is it? But not hunting down people you dont like. It is getting more and more pathetic reading from you than from him.
  13. Well, thats not quite true in Tarkov is it? I mean, everyone uses just what is the best in terms of damage, no? Rare that someone picks an SMG because he is going to Factory. Or a sniper rifle, because he goes to Shoreline. But all in all, you are right. Different weapons for different situations/tasks.
  14. He never said it isnt. As a hatchetier you dont really care for getting out safely. Isnt it the point in doing it? Just grab a bite and get out or die? You cant deny that running naked without spending a dime is the most costeffective thing to do. You either spend something and get something OR spend nothing and still get something. Each his own. They were never supposed to be Rambos taking on armed groups to begin with. You got that right.
  15. Could you elaborate the second point of your possible limitations of junk offers?