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  1. Stupid quest

    Sat in a bush for 20min ran out got the watch and escaped thx for the tip
  2. Stupid quest

    @Doc_SavageHave you even done this quest? i thought Edge of Darkness Limited Edition already has trader rep high? @o0Cosmo0oWish it did not effect the game as hard as it does
  3. Stupid quest

    lizarkk responding 2 you Laying in a bush for 30 min is how this game should not be played and when you said "mission is to hard for you than I dont know if you can handle full gear raids" Its hard because you go agents full geared people when your stuck with poo gear. @mart1n1lol right maybe i enjoy playing solo
  4. Stupid quest

    Every time a git the bronze pocket watch for the quest some guy with armor and a amazing m4 or decked out ak kills me. It ducking sucks becuase with the trader at level 1 i cant add scopes and make the ak better. I have spent so long on this mission tryed about 8 times now. Is there a way to cheese the quest? this change makes me wish i had a presskit or could refund the game completely ruined the game 4 me