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  1. godexists

    Game lag,Stutter,Freeze,ect.

    With some people experiencing this issue more than others (some people aren't experiencing it at all) I would have to say that it almost HAS to do with optimization with each individual's personal combination of hardware and software. I've had this problem ever since alpha and it hasn't gotten any better, nor has it become worse. It does it most at the very beginning of a match, stutter stutter freeze and then it occurs randomly from then on and is especially frustrating because it tends to do it at the worst possible times! There has been plenty mention of the page file and RAM usage but I don't think it has to do with that entirely, and I do not think it has much to do with running from an SSD either. I have 64GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 RAM and I have a Samsung M.2 SSD as well. I check real-time usages while in game and the most RAM I've ever used was like 23GB and that was on shoreline. I made my page file HUGE just for the hell of it to no avail. I know, I haven't gone anywhere with this but all I'm trying to say is that if you're experiencing this issue and you're looking for a solution you're probably just going to have to wait until BSG smooths it out which I think they will it's just a matter of when.
  2. godexists

    When bleeding

    You can run about 4 steps before you lose HP from black leg. And if you're bleeding and you use a blue bandage, do not run much because you'll start bleeding again. And if you keep bleeding you're likely bleeding from multiple limbs like OP said. Just check your health screen and see and apply as needed.
  3. godexists

    Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO I jumped the gun there. My bad hehehehehh
  4. Definitely true. Can't wait to see the flood of whining posts.
  5. godexists

    Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    Patch is tomorrow so you wouldn't have it for very long, at all.
  6. godexists

    Anyone Have Low Gpu Usage(%40 usage)

    There was one patch/hotfix last year that I remember and it was very short lived because they released another patch shortly after but everything ran rather well for me during those couple of day not entirely sure why though. It's complicated TM
  7. godexists

    Anyone Have Low Gpu Usage(%40 usage)

  8. godexists

    Anyone Have Low Gpu Usage(%40 usage)

    I6700K CPU Asus GTX 1080ti GPU and I have Corsair Dominator Platinum Torque 2x16gb 3200 and I only get optimal performance and usage on woods and factory. Otherwise my usage for both CPU and GPU are way lower than expected and it's been this way for a long while. CPU usage is usually around 30-40% and GPU is usually at 40% - 44% on Customs and Shoreline. This is exclusively for EFT so can't really say it's anything else. 1440p
  9. godexists

    New issues with patch

    This. Try different maps sometimes night raids are a little faster with the matching, but then again when it's not one things it's the other; meaning that you'd end up awaiting players lol.
  10. godexists

    One Question about the new PT-3 Zenitco Buttstock

    That's a nifty stock. I'd let ya know if I had one. lol.
  11. Verification! 


  12. godexists

    Customs FPS drops

    Ever since these past few hotfixes I can barely play on customs. I know some friend have this same issue but is this common with anyone else? I used to get 90-120 fps steady at ultra (1440p 1080ti) but now I've been getting lag spikes and fps drops from 70 to 20/30 and it really messes up gameplay. Even if i go to medium or low it makes absolutely no difference I get the exact same performance, barely better. It does this randomly and almost constantly. It is not a hardware issue everything else runs perfectly fine and it doesn't happen on the other maps. OH by the way my RAM goes from 10gb to 16 randomly and I'm pretty sure that's causing some stutter also. And by the way I'm running on a 960 Pro SSD and 32 gb of corsair platinum ram. Anyone else have this problem? I know some of my friends don't have an issue with lower specs than me but then again others do experience this so IDK wtf is causing it nothing has changed since these hotfixes other than the hotfixes themselves. I haven't changed anything on my end.
  13. godexists

    Prapor Pocket Watch Quest

    Thanks man I knew where everything was except the truck I was thinking it was a car!
  14. godexists

    Prapor Pocket Watch Quest

    I found the room with the poster and key but I can not find the watch anywhere. Is it a car in the dorms parking lot where it is found? I'm just looking for something, even a hint please.
  15. godexists

    Karma System - I know, I know!

    Yeah if they were somewhat vivid that'd help a lot. I honestly don't know exactly what could be done without taking the realism out of it and still make it easier to tell. If I knew who wasn't goign to shoot me I wouldn't shoot them but it's too risky to find out the hard way. And when people do the friendly sway, they stab you in the back for that stupid poo gun you have.