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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Hello guys. I accidentaly accepted first Skier quest. But couldnt find armor od helmet, is there anybody who will sell or exchange: Fort armor+ Kiver helmet? Please PM me, quest ends in 2:30 Thanks
  2. Performance drop with new patch?

    Well, I tried it too. GTX 1080, i7 6700k OC, 16GB RAM. Customs and Shoreline are basicaly unplayable... GPU and CPU hovering at 30-50% utilization and fps 30-50 no matter what settings. On the other hand, Woods and Factory, thats different story, pretty much 100+ all the time, also utilization is higher, consumes around 10-11GB RAM, GPU at 80+ and CPU still around 50-70%. (That is either offline or online) So please do something about Customs and Shoreline. Thanks
  3. PSO-1 - Sun shade

    Hello, I was wondering if devs could add option for extending sun shade on PSO-1 optics, for now it is useless in some situations as you cant see anything but sun. You can clearly see here, that sun shade is part of it: Here you can see PSO with extended sun shade:
  4. Klíče do BETY - Soutěže a giveaways

    Ahoj, mě by se hodil jeden klíč... Kamarád má koupeno, zkoušel jsem si to u něj a dobrý. Bude si to pořizovat ještě jeden kamoš. Nicméně v tomto stavu za hru 1200,- nedám... Buďto koupím při slevě, nebo velký update který opraví hodně věcí, ale zároveň bych to chtěl hrát Prosím prosím...