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  1. backend error

    It just stopped happening for me. I did nothing to fix it, the error just stopped occurring.
  2. When you die, and teammates are still up, This is the down time for inventory management. And food. And beer. And cigarettes. And to remember to text your boss that you won't be making it in tonight....
  3. customs frame rate drops

    got it. will upgrade RAM, yo.
  4. customs frame rate drops

    sometimes, when i am in customs map, the frame rate drops drastically, and the game will freeze for a solid 4 seconds when i pull the trigger and squeeze out a round.... what is causing this? it has gotten me killed several times, because i shoot at a scav, can only send one bullet to target, game "freezes" and i get back screen and death. i do not have this issue on Factory. 8 Gigs DDR4 i5 3.2 gtx 970
  5. backend error

    why am i getting this "BACKEND ERROR". i cannot play the game. it will not get past trying to load my profile and it gives me this backend error.
  6. server disconnect

    why am i seeing so much "SERVER DISCONNECT" these past few days? it is getting really old, and i don't know why it's happening.
  7. Weapon mastery bug?

    Does weapon mastery work right now? It seems a slow progress, and why doesn't it accrue while playing in offline mode? Experience gained for leveling up does, why not weapon mastery? A bug perhaps?
  8. Quick draw

    I've noticed that they appear on the AVS model if you look close. You can see them real well if you wear it for your load out and check out your character during the loading screen.
  9. Quick draw

    Nice. I've legitimately never seen this before! Where are they popular?
  10. Quick draw

    What are "loops for the bottom of mags"?
  11. Game crash on exit.

    It happens to me as well. Everytime I close the game. I report it too.
  12. Reloading mags

    Oh wow, they said this was planned already!? I guess I need to do some studying. Where can I find this official info?
  13. Reloading mags

    When you are in a raid, you shouldn't just be able to drag and drop rounds into a magazine. There should be a character animation showing you packing your magazine with rounds. You do this on the M133 and M153 shotgun, it should be the same here. You should lower your weapon, and start refilling the magazine, this takes time , and if you need to interrupt the animation, you drop the items to the ground and quickly raise your gun. This would make bringing in extra full mags more practical, as dragging and dropping rounds into mags currently is too fast and unrealistic.
  14. Scavs don't flinch

    I never thought about this. Yes, they need to flinch!!
  15. The weather in Tarkov

    I concur my cohort, I can't wait to see the snow!!