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  1. radial

    Little update for you

    Leg meta isn't about scavs shooting us it's about players shooting players in the legs because of armor. Love the notes though
  2. radial

    Help me please

    godyour such a baby.
  3. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    actually read comments before replying then....
  4. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    your not a dev and there is no incentive if there are hatchet runners.
  5. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    yea if somebody with a gun could butt-stroke blow a hatchling from a further distance than knife or hatchet that would make it a lot better knowing that even if you have a hatchling running at you and your bullets dont drop him at least you can hit him from further away. i think theres lots of different things the devs could try out to incentivise gun play over melee but i guess we will have to wait a while and see.
  6. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    being abusive doesnt really help, i can only speak for my self but i have ok aim no better or worse than an average but ive got a few hundred hours. maybe desync is worse in certain regions.
  7. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    you clearly dont play the game that much so il let you off lol but with desync and other bullshit we are getting hits on hatchlings but bullets arent registering...also if you shoot a hatchling in the legs he can still run as long as he wants until he stops then the broken leg takes effect. people can hatchet if they want but they should take less bullets and not be able to run with broken legs,also you should have to buy a hatchet every time you cheapscapes! how about a fix until servers are more stable? maybe change melee damage slightly or something? anything! this isnt for honour damn it its escape from tarkov and i want gun battles! hatchlings should never be in high numbers regardless of wipe.....incentivise gun use. x
  8. radial

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    hatchlings are overpowered because they can run with a broken leg, they can get shot multiple times and dont go down and then they 1 hit me from like 5ft away!! yea i dont think this is really realistic combat. i think we should have to buy a hatchet just like we have to buy everything else. the default should be just hands for looting and if somebody wants a hatchet they have to buy one and lose one! posts will keep being made until they fix this dumb non gun combat. its because you can get a lot more from a hatchet run than with a gun also no risk of losing anything. 1 hit to the head with a hatchet or multiple shots with a gun. hatchlings are pathetic.