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  1. La asignación de daño es una lotería

    Cuantos megas de internet tenes?
  2. Notas pre-eliminares parche 0.7.4.xxx

    Como siempre un excelente trabajo tincho
  3. 1PN138 Night Scope

    they should ban reshade, SQUAD and PUBG already did this
  4. Oh no nat i thought the scar H was coming first
  5. Thanks bro, seeing an old face after a long time is refreshing too brother. Cheers.
  6. Emmmm no m8, thats a Scar H, not a scar L. They probably will add both of them, but i bet they will add the H first, since they also have a M1a upper in the left screen. Learn ya stuff boi
  7. New players

    Character name IvanCaceres Description 1.94cm-91kg. White skinned and blonde, green eyes. His past Paraguayan from birth, he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion when he was 20, he passed the tests and got accepted into the FFL, he had the chance to join the 2REP regiment, after 5 years of service he decided to join the French Special forces where he served for 5 more years, after that he decided to take some time off. Afterwards the security and private sector caugth hes attention, he got an invitation to join the so called USEC, the best Private Military Company in the west. How did he get to Tarkov? One of the missions he was doing for the company. Predilections boi Friends couple friends in NATO and UN peacekeepers Wounds, and battles He got shot a couple times in the arms and legs, once in the chest but nothing serious during hes time serving. Aspirations be da best boi The greatest achievement that character did Join the French Special Forces and FFL Strength 27 Endurance 26 Accuracy 27 Fighter
  8. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    is character customization coming in with the new vendor? (i mean the new clothing sets)
  9. CaRtOoNz & Ohmwrecker intense MAYHEM!

    Wow the way you think is really sad, you got offended because they swear too much? Come on bro really now?
  10. Character Customization?

    Yes character customization is planned for the open beta phase, judging by the recent posts about clothing, i believe its just around the corner
  11. New Gear to come in future!

    More please? Some USEC examples would be much appreciated
  12. Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    Lolll this guy killed me and my brother instantly too, we thougth he was hacking too
  13. Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    Lol nat, nice joke bro hahaha. To be honest axel and me are tired of that irl since we are twin, so you can you imagine what its like in tarkov. Happy new year btw.
  14. Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    Whens the apparel customization coming? Everyone is looking foward to it