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  1. ivantherussian

    My top suggestions for the Devs

    Omg the cringe my dude, im sorry to say but you are way to much to read.
  2. ivantherussian

    My top suggestions for the Devs

    You are a dude right? Why dont you play as a guy then? You are kind weird in my opinion. Exactly my point.
  3. ivantherussian

    My top suggestions for the Devs

    Because its not realistic!!!!!! The devs said there will be no female PMCs, period
  4. ivantherussian

    My top suggestions for the Devs

    Are you serious dude? If this game is aiming for realism, do you know out of a 100 Private Military Contractors are female?. No you dont, so boi i recommend you to liaten to me, these are entering unknown waters for you (not insulting you, just roleplaying). FYI is 3 out of 100, and they most of the times get admin jobs and not actual combat jobs, so mate just listen to me.
  5. ivantherussian

    My top suggestions for the Devs

    1- Nah dude it will break inmersion for sure and indont want everyone tunning around as a fenale for having a smaller hitbox. NYET TOVARICH
  6. ivantherussian

    Night VIsion Enhancements

    Damn my dude, gotta pump those jokes up, because those were really bad hahaha
  7. ivantherussian

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    Its an m1a not a m14, the m1a is the civilian version of the m14. So yeah it will be a lot cheaper that the rsass.
  8. ivantherussian

    Ragman - the new merchant!

    Well this guy just stole my job guys. (For who ever knows what i RP as)
  9. ivantherussian

    48 hour rain??? really? it sucks

    The time and weather is set based on the actual russian weather.
  10. ivantherussian

    New Weapons

    M1A, m870 shotgun, and the russian automatic pistol APS, and a new version of the AK/74. Those were the three guns that i saw in the videos
  11. ivantherussian

    M1A hype!

    Yes i would love to see a tarkov podcast recap please. For the ones who dont have the time to hear it.
  12. ivantherussian

    PVP event has started!

    Damn dude i am sad for you to be honest.
  13. ivantherussian

    Shiny new items

    Anything about character appareal?
  14. ivantherussian

    PMC Specific Weapons?

    Well, whats going to come in the future tho is for example, faction specific benefits and skills, USECs may have more proficiency with western weapons and they will handle/use them better than BEARs. Now ive heard that depending on the faction you will have certain bonuses or discounts in certain equipment from certain traiders, USECs cheaper m4s and BEARs cheaper aks, and so on. Ofcourse this is a whole different thing than the faction specific skills that are coming in the future.
  15. ivantherussian

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    The master of clothing is pleased to read this. Very well BSG, very well...