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  1. How does one report hackers

    yeah seems to work just fine ... besides that, everyone who knows at least the tinest bit about hacks, knows that private, undistributed hacks will never be spotted unless there are enough people to report them.
  2. I just got killed by a hacker. I was lying prone in a huge bush in shoreline leveling my stress resistance. At about 40 min raid left I heard footsteps in the speed of a minigun approaching me and I got hatcheted. No, it wasnt desync teleporting, it were clear separate steps soundling like a speedhack. There is no way this guy finds me there 20min into the raid in a bush I tested visibility with a mate long before and done multiple successfull runs there.
  3. I have a mate that played with 8gig, he had constant micro stutter, freezes and frame drops that made it basically unplayable for him. He switched RAM to 16 gig (2 new 8gig kit instead of adding 8gig) and how it runs perfectly fine. Me with 16gig since always had no struggle what so ever.
  4. Händlervorteil

    Gut, ich mein es gibt ja zum glück keine leute die sich ein Forum thread mehr als 2 posts durchlesen, und sich so einer info garnicht wirklich bewusst sind... aber gott sei dank hast du ja deinen senf dazu abgegeben. danke dafür
  5. Neujahrsrabatt!

    1. Andere Entwickler / Publisher kriegen es auch hin, Ihre Preise so zu kalkulieren das man einen finalen Verkaufspreis anzeigen kann. Ist nichts neues, ist nichts besonderes. Wenn der Hersteller das nicht macht, notiert er quasi den Preis den er fix haben möchte, alle Gebühren etc. werden dann an durch dritte einbezogen und verwaltet (xsolla) 2. Das bedeutet im Umkehrschluss, dass die Entwickler sehr viel Geld für Ihr Produkt haben möchten. Normal ist im Verkaufspreis alles mit einkalkuliert wie genannte gebühren, dazu kommt noch der Anteil für den Publisher, den Händler etc. - unterm Strich bleibt für den Entwickler wohl irgendwas zwischen 20-30% von den typischen 50 € die man so kennt. 3. Mangelnde Hinweise, dass dieser Preis entgegen der marktüblichen Art und Weise angezeigt wird und nicht mal die Transaktionsgebühren gezeigt werden, heist für mich auf jeden fall das der Entwickler wohl SEHR viel von sich bzw. seinem Produkt hält, da diese Art zu verkaufen schon recht dreist ist. 4. Abschließend - es gibt wie gesagt viel bessere Wege, seinen PreOrder handzuhaben! Es ist etwas dreist, aber gut, das Produkt muss dann aber auch für sich sprechen. Wenn Leute so viel Geld für ein Produkt ausgeben, was dann auf ganzer Linie enttäuscht, wird das wohl einen Shitstorm sondergleichen lostreten.... was in dem Fall absolut gerechtfertigt wäre. Vor allem durch NDA und dem (logischerweise) aktuell sehr geringem Umfang, wissen die Leute vor dem Kauf nicht viel über das Produkt und stecken seeehr viel Geld und Vertrauen in die Sache
  6. Händlervorteil

    Die Vorteile sind auch nutzlos aktuell, da wir in einer closed alpha sind und eh ständig alles geändert und oft gewiped wird. Verstehe also nicht, warum dich das jetzt interessieren sollte.
  7. I follow this project since the announcement and my god I was hyped, I finally played alpha, I dont regret my purchase, but now I do. Why? We all remember that you guys stated there will be no discounts. Suddenly, discount. People raged. I was short on money back then and was also not at home that weekend and accepted the fate of paying the full price at some point. Because "wow after that shitstorm they wouldn't dare to ... what.. another sale?" I bought this game literally 4 days ago and basically pumped 30€ down the drain. Do you really think that is how you treat your community? Just to top this, you pay lirik to stream your game, while still letting everyone else beeing under the NDA? What the hell? I mean, I could understand that if you planned that with him a bit earlier. But he was painful to watch, he had no idea, he had spoiled inventory etc. - everything very unorganzied and chaotic. He barely sounded like he had even a tiny bit of fun. And not to mention the hacker he showed off infront of 33k people. So this shows me what basically is obvious, but still ... you are an inexperienced game studio who do their mistakes. But cmon, you act like you don't give a f**k? Seriouly a second sale to piss of people? Timed with the first allowed, EXCLUSIVE stream, that was a complete mess? If you go on like this, I really let down this game sooner then I would have ever imgained. But I don't need no second War Z
  8. Now I am worried

    I made this account quite a while ago, basically right after it was announced there will be an alpha to this game. Finally, 2 days ago I decided to purchase the Left behind edition to maybe get ready for extended alpha. Yesterday, I conviced my mate to also buy this game, same edition, so he made an account and bought the game. But, he does get an alpha invite straigt away! like 2 hours after the purchase? I have this account loooooong time now, purchased a day before him, no invite for me? Battlestate pls
  9. Going in to a game with a friend

    I really hope they don't do the same mistake as The Division and mix up groups and solo players together. Otherwise going in alone is just a waste of time in this game and you are always forced to group up if you don't want to get gang ra*ed
  10. Considered buying the EOD for 75, but the order summary puts me at 105 something, due to added VAT + payment fee ... really? Thats not how to advertise prices... sorry but even recent triple A games are much lower priced even with their season passes. Guess thats a no-buy then