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  1. Iteration

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    Where is that picture from? And when? 700 health?
  2. Iteration

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    I find it a bit weird that the raid map doesn't mirror the live raid map. Streets, Suburbs and Lighthouse have all shifted (or straight gone). 1 location appeared above Town. Another appeared to the right of Factory and one between Factory and Terminal. Is this different in the Russian version?
  3. Iteration

    Mp-153 exchange for M4 removed this patch?

    What really seem to blow IMO is the disability to get the traditional M4 with a KAC RIS. You have to loot for that stuff now, and... it's a pretty poor handguard to begin with. However I prefer that to the Colt standard army issue due to the attachment options. I kinda miss the traditional M4 and I have not even found them in loot tables. They just seem gone.
  4. Iteration

    Signal jammer

    Just found one on Woods in the closed off lumber shack.
  5. Iteration

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: - Key 206 to 2 story dorms - 6x 60 round AK mags Inventory: - 1x Flash Drive - 1x GM counter - 1x Gas An - Up to 15x Gold Chains - Up to 3x Roler watches (money case barter)
  6. Iteration

    Key Guide

    Heard it could be found in the hand on the dead Scav inside the bathroom on ground floor inside the two story Dorms. You have to breach the door. Someone had graphic evidence of the key there. Yet to find it myself. Also if it looks like the Customs Office key, try the doors inside the 2 story Dorms. They use the same key icon.
  7. Iteration

    Key Guide

    Keep on to the Cabinet Key at least. 9000 could indicate a rare or quest associated item. There are tons of locked doors on Customs. You could go into an offline match and test them out.
  8. Iteration

    Key Guide

    I have Prapor's "go fetch MR-133s from Scavs on Customs" and can't really play consistently due to memory leaks, so it's not per say a quest item (that I have active), but rather a key that unlocks a quest item? Granted I didn't kill the Scav I found the key on, so it might be in their loot due to the killing player's quest.
  9. Iteration

    Key Guide

    Found a new key I've not seen mentioned before, so I think it got added in with the new patch. Key 303 for the three story Dorms. Loot inside consists of a green crate and a possible weapon spawn (I found an AKS) - been there once, game too laggy so I cannot test the loot tables further. There is blood all over the floor near the entrance. It's from the stairs and taking a right, then left. Found the key off a dead Scav but I expect you to be able to find it in file cabinets like many other Dorm keys.
  10. Iteration

    Factory key

    I've done approx 60 raids in Customs before I found it. Granted the first 30 or so I took it slow and beyond that I still cautiously but swiftly made my way to the non-dorm locations (mainly so I had a chance to get the other sweet loot behind the Checkpoint). Stunningly enough I found my Factory Key in a raid that was plagued by lag and desync. I was just happy that I could extract with the key I had spent well over 40 hours trying to get. Now awaits the Guard Dorm Key. Also a piss rare spawn I hear. Edit: Oh I forget. I actually found a Factory Key in the Dorms around raid 25 or so, but a Scav blasted my face off through the window as I was examining it (couldn't just pick it up for some reason).