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  1. Punisher part 6 GB Bug

    Finished Part 6 with 15 minutes to go. Had a timer on my phone running. I got the quest completed message with the dinging noise u get when u finish. I was right next to extraction so I left came out and had a message from prapor saying I failed?!?!?!?! Even though I still had 10 minutes to go... So now the quest restarted itself and gave me a fail for what is most likely the only 3 hours I am going to have to dedicate to this quest. Super disappointed.
  2. Tarkov Going In

  3. Tarkov Going In

    How I feel when I get 10+ kills and extract in Tarkov.
  4. USB for skier not spawning

    If so I have never seen it.
  5. USB for skier not spawning

    I also have this bug. Over 60 plus raids at woods now. I have been first to tent at least 20 times. Completely bugged out and kills any interest to play.
  6. Looking for people 18+

    This sounds good to me. Chill adult player with discord really looking forward to finding some other people to team up with. Tarkov can get boring solo. Let me know if you need my sn or steam name.
  7. Prapor quest bug

    I am guessing it is a bug or I am missing something. On Prapor's quest Delivery from the Past the first part is to find a secure container inside the office in red warehouse. I have seen videos on youtube of where people are finding it, however when I go to this spot between the desk and the drawers there is nothing there at all. Please tell me I am missing something and it is not a bug where I can not loot it?
  8. bad sound engine..

    Maybe reading would be key here. We are talking about bullet sounds and foot step sounds. Both work damn well in pubg.
  9. This game has a long way to go

    1. This should have been hot fixed a long time ago... 2. I see it a lot. Especially on weekends. Saturday and today have been a joke and I am not alone. I play with 2 other people and every time we group it dsyncs one or sometimes 2 of us so we can not play together. 3. I am very sad to hear people say they are happy to pay $150 for any video game. It makes me feel like this is why almost every game looks to take advantage of the consumer, 4. I am alone on this 1 I guess. 5. lmao. Campers: Someone who hides with an OP weapon with great view of doors or surrounding areas of extraction zones and waits to kill people who approach. 6. I knew I was being shot by someone who was above me and after seeing you can get flying ESP and aimbot for $10 a month I understand what happened. It has happened several times to me and apparently quite a few others. 7. They are to easy and than out of nowhere they do 180 headshots so I do not like their set up at all. 8. Pointing out devs live in the same place is not stereotyping. I simply was implying they use the exact same EA platform and pricing structure and maybe have had some interactions since they are both game devs from Russia. You do say lots of games use this price structure but that is not true. No one charges $150 for EA and a big inventory except Sergei Titov and I recommend you look up his work.
  10. This game has a long way to go

    1. This is a game breaking bug. When I cant see u have a weapon and you have a 80 round silenced pistol in ur hand that is a massive issue. I don't usually smile about game breaking bugs. 2. agreed 3. Beta and EA games are scams at this point. Less than 5% make release and the ones that do rarely fix all the issues or even come close. 4. guess it is just me 5. I am aware of the exits on customs lmao. I cant do much about guys camping the area with VSS' right where you open the door... 6. After I wrote this I went and looked around. Apparently for $10 a month you can have flying aim bot and ESP for this game and there is no anti hack lmao. 7.lmao 8.I did not call is a scam. I compared the pricing structure and the EA platform to another Russian dev who has done this exact same style before abandoning the game.
  11. This game has a long way to go

    Actually you are wrong on almost all of this. This was my first trip to the forums so I do not see it all the time lol. Maybe if you are seeing it all the time than you should spend less time in the forums or the devs should spend more time fixing issues so there isn't 100+ posts about it. I did not know the stash size prior to purchase lol. I saw that I could pay another $100(LMAO) and get a bigger stash but this did not tell me the base stash was total bull $#@%. You are right on one thing and that is it is my fault for not researching the stash size lmao. The fact you defend the stash size as my fault for not researching it shows how in love with this game and ur purchase you are. Do you really think players should have to research stash sizes?? I watched gameplay videos like most people do. This game has a lot of shady crap and I was simply pointing out what I had noticed after 40 hours. If I had paid $20 for this game I would not have cared. Hahahahaha if you really think that is why they made it so expensive than I have an Invisible car I want to sell you.
  12. This game has a long way to go

    Haha did I make a fan boi mad?
  13. This game has a long way to go

    When you pay $50-$150 for a game I do not care if you call it alpha or beta. You are being judged off how much $$ you make me pay. Patience is one thing but a month plus of game breaking dsync and pistol glitchers when they are charging AAA prices is a joke. Anyone who defends EA and Beta that goes on forever for AAA prices is delusional.
  14. This game has a long way to go

    I am not sad lol. I am simply going to move onto a game worth the time. If the devs were actively trying to fix things than this pistol glitch would not still be in the game and there would be an anti hack.
  15. So I have about 40 hours in this game now. I am going to quit now and wait for a large amount of fixes for all the issues. 1. Pistol glitchers every match on factory. 2. Dsync with an amazing internet connection. This comes with tons of exploits with the dsync 3.Inventory size for $50 players. First off this game is not worth $50 so when you buy it and can barely hold onto 4 guns than the devs did not think this out. 4. Menu glitches and crashes. Dragging items in this game from character to inventory or vice versa is pure cancer and nothing better than an endless connection to server for 5 minutes and than a crash. 5. Campers. This game seems to encourage camping and there is nothing better than a 20 minute loot run at customs than running into some kid camping the door to extraction sites. 6. Hackers. This one I can not prove but I have had some super fishy situations that did not seem like dsync but more like esp and aim bot. 7. AI is a joke. nuff said. 8. Anyone notice that they sell their game packages exactly like another Russian developer? One by the name of Sergei Titov and all his crap games. Shattered Skies was this exact set up. You can pay up to $100 and get a huge inventory for this sweet concept of a game that he will never finish or fix. All in all after 40 hours I have spent more time being frustrated at this game than enjoying it. From what im seeing in forums and youtube I am not alone. After researching how long the pistol glitch has been going on and that the devs are acting like hacking does not exist I am truly worried for the future of this game. I hope they prove me wrong but I see this being a mess for a long time with nothing but broken promises and devs laughing all the way to the bank.