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  1. Has anyone found the marked key yet?

    Jackets in general seem to spawn them.
  2. Has anyone found the marked key yet?

    Found like 4 or 5 in the past two weeks. Pretty sure all of them were from jackets in the dorms.
  3. Getting another reset within cool down?

    Bump, no response to support ticket and it's another 10 days until I can reset and I currently have no way of using any secure containers due to never getting the gamma one. Feels a bit pointless to be trying to get a bunch of items if I'm just gonna have to reset to get my container in 10 days.
  4. Upgrading Pre-Order

    Make sure to not have anything on your character when you reset as it seems to cause issues, it bugged me out and didn't give me the gamma container.
  5. Getting another reset within cool down?

    Would it be possible to get another rest as the previous one seems to have bugged out? Thanks.
  6. Can we stop complaining

    Complaints aren't an issue, there may be an issue with how some people voice their problems with the games but the root issue doesn't lie with actual complaints rather the people making them and their lack of effort to give constructive feedback.
  7. So I just reset after upgrading to EOD, anyone got any tips on how to regain my factory key as fast as possible? Thanks Actually, for some reason I didn't get a gamma container on reset.
  8. traders offline???? current server status ???

    Happening to me too.