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  1. hellraiser1986

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the 4 man squad at customs 10:15pm CUSTOMS SMALL PETROL STATION gun fight,Tracer bullets ,forts,ops-core's,m4's VSS DVL All that was involved VS me and my buddy ive killed three fellaz my man killed one of you. Damn that was good......sorry about those two sneaky headshots all the best
  2. hellraiser1986

    15 hours of playing tarkov

    take more coffee brakes :-D
  3. hellraiser1986

    Flash Drives Not Spawning

    i was there once and found two of them on the ground.....
  4. hellraiser1986


    what this game really need is better server performance and finally get rid of DSYNC....
  5. hellraiser1986

    Terrible server performance

    as the begining line says i want to share my experience nothing else i dont need any advice or anything, other thing there is no single line on the forum since update 0.4**** about server issues as a search bar doesnt work perfectly ,honestly im not gonna hunt them on all other social medias to get some information its a ''game forum so it should be plenty of info here'', haven't seen anything except red line on launcher with broken english... All i want to say is that im not gonna play untill the water settle down..... anyway thank you for your time and appreciate your update sir....
  6. hellraiser1986

    Terrible server performance

    i wasn't playing alone i was at the party... still....
  7. hellraiser1986

    Terrible server performance

    Hello there, just want share a bit of my experience since (biggest) update, i was playing since update release 9pm till 7am and i was only able to play 12 raids yes that's right 12 raids which from that i successfully exctract 5 of them due to terrible server performance and traffic issues massive desync and so on. Awaiting server response average time 10-15 minutes joining to the game very late average 10-15 minutes after the game start shoting pmc to the head from less than 5m 5 times while they looting but they get up and run or double tap me to the head almost every gunfight i get double tap (by pmc im not talking about scavs). Im not a new player so its not about skills, before wipe i was lvl 47 700 raids 550 extracted. other than that they made a good job.....but from my point of view the game is highly unplayable atm.... i'm based at Dublin and untill the servers get better performance im gonna leave Tarkov at the drawer....... Remember you don't have to escape from Tarkov if you don't go to Tarkov. Have a great day
  8. hellraiser1986

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    to the guy at shoreline scumbag exit camper named "AGIVA" enjoy that m4 you little coward..... i didnt carry nothing special that raid was really poor.... but few raids ago well check the pictures bellow ;-) you should play with some balls not as a little chick hiding on a exit have a great day
  9. hellraiser1986

    What's In This New Patch Then?

    Don't be lazy and find your answer yourself , it is more than 15 threads about patch notes etc..... have a nice day....
  10. hellraiser1986

    F1 Tactical Nuke!

    still the scav was unhurt :-D
  11. hellraiser1986

    Scav timer reduced

    even 1 hour was too short, 30 min is too much it will not stop scav violence and honestly pmc lose everything and gain practicly nothing by killing scavs... bit of xp's not really.....a shotgun? what a joke.....last 20-30 raids ive joined game as a scav exactly at the beging of the raid (1:59) at shoreline .... as a pmc you should have 3 mins to join the game....again in 30 raids 12 of them ive join at 1:45 which is 15 minutes after the raid starts and that is highly disadvantage against who joined at 1:59.....
  12. hellraiser1986

    It's not Terminator AI, it's....

  13. hellraiser1986

    Giant Bear or Usec

    Im just wondering to who belong this giant footprints, is there someone else watching us?????????
  14. hellraiser1986

    Money Glitch

    exactly, there is more glitches but i rather would not talk about them..... ive personally never try them because it will ruin the game immediately, which i of course don't want....
  15. hellraiser1986

    Money Glitch

    hope they will fixed it very quick......