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  1. Events coming up later today. Apply at www.taw.net to join us for these events.
  2. What we offer you: Multi-faction (Both USEC, BEAR and of course SCAV plays) A Place for those who are looking just to find players to play with A tier system (Platoons and Squads) depending on how you want to play the game Squads with common goals and game style A mature team that respects the level of your skill or game knowledge Organized call outs, communication, and related documents
  3. TAW is recruiting, we have 184 active members playing escape from tarkov. We hold various events and offer you badges to aim for via in-game goals. We have a great training team and training documents. Channels are split up into casual, questing, tactical, mil-sim and unit play. Looking a group or just a friendly community to call home this is the place for you.
  4. TAW is recruiting, apply at www.taw.net
  5. Good turn out at the EU event.
  6. Sunday events coming up later today. What map will we be playing the event on? What is the mission in the event? To find out apply at www.taw.net
  7. Team speak details have been send to you check your email. See you soon.
  8. The map looks so good, I see you having a great time in there. TAW is recruiting come join us at www.taw.net Got any questions send me a message on here or via steam (Steam i am also warlohn)
  9. Good to hear this has been a good patch for you, you got to do some Lab runs.
  10. A lot bullet holes in that door looks like it was fun...
  11. EU optional starting in a few hours see you there ....
  12. I am in for some easy Lab runs, want to join see you on team speak soon
  13. First event after holiday break nice turn out as you see.
  14. We got a lot of loot form then runs Ice Logging on now to do more Lab runs who`s in?