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  1. jacek2015

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    So maybe we can leave it as in game/raid time limit? These are the best tasks at the moment. Challenging, adrenaline bringing and rewarding. Makes those reward items elite ones. Not for everyone I guess. But still for some players they are easy and doable in ~1h (Punisher p3 and p6).
  2. jacek2015


    Some birds on the trees and small mammals on the ground without interactions with the player, maybe...
  3. jacek2015

    Text RPG

    No tak, ale ich dotyczyło by wtedy te 20 postów (chociaż tak jak wyżej pisałeś, to nie powstrzyma przed multi).
  4. jacek2015

    Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    More sneakpeaks like this please!
  5. jacek2015

    Text RPG

    Memberem na forum można by zostać po zakupieniu gry. Minimum 20 postów dotyczyło by wtedy tylko forumowiczów bez preorderów.