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  1. Prapor Task 4 Question (Delivery from the Past)

    Go to factory again and survive after a fight
  2. Change key spawns again

    I've spent countless hours looking for 220 and 206 now, with no luck. Both are essential keys to progress through the quest line, they should not be as hard to get by as this. The same goes for the rare keys as well. Hatchlings are a problem in this game, and the only time I go on hatchet runs are when I am looking for keys. It feels counter to the goal of the game, and it's simply a chore. People who do have the rare keys have a huge advantage, especially marked room and factory. But at least make quest related keys more common, I'm tired of spending most of my time looking in scav pockets and filing cabinets instead of actually playing the game. Don't hide progress behind RGN, and if you do, at least make it common enough for it to work.
  3. As the title suggests. Playing with a low FOV is a huge benefit when using scopes, while high fov is prefered by a large portion of gamers. Being able to seperately change FOV while ADS and not would thus give people more freedom to tweak the game to their own preference.
  4. Communication - Force mic into the game

    I understand the sentiment, but the issue is like others have pointed out, background noice will be a thing no matter what. As someone who just had a baby, I'm pretty sure most would find hearing my son cry ingame would be quite immersion breaking, especially if they saw that the sound came from my character. A plugin that monitored communication tools and created ingame chatter based on mic input is a neat idea however, but it's quite obvious that it could be circumvented quite easily. People usually don't play fair if given an option to circumvent. I do agree that an ingame voice system based on ACRE would benefit the game immensely though, and having one could encourage people to prefer the ingame system.