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  1. Character Reset

    It will wipe character level/trader progress as well as restore starting gear and money.
  2. The voice and gesture menu is awesome, But..

    I love the idea of selecting hotkeys. It does only take a second to select, but more fluidity in mid combat is never a bad thing.
  3. Idea for hideout defense game mode.

    As Klaus said, after I posted I remembered the arena mode. I guess we will have to wait for more information on it. Either way, I'm super excited for the future.
  4. A hideout defense mode that a 4v4 squad willingly enters. The defender has to fill a 4x10 stash with gear or gear that equals a set level of money. The attackers try to raid the hideout with a set level of gear. There could be different tiers of raids, the lower tier requires the least amount of gear/cost between attacker/defender and the higher tier requiring the most. It could even have a phase to strategically plan the barricading of certain choke points/set up attacking positions I think it would give players a competitive means to "gamble" with gear and further utilize the hideout feature being added to the game. Any thoughts or additions to this?