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  1. Your average scav run?

    Yeah I agree. had that this morning, spawned into a customs raid, two mins later someone else spawns in, I watch them for a couple of mins. Then they finally see me, I do the friendly wiggle and end up getting filled full of lead
  2. Tarkov Bundles

    Oh man I hope you guys have one soon, I'd love to upgrade from standard edition to EOD edition without my wife strangling me for spending more money on gaming
  3. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    Yeah but even pot noodles don't taste like they use to, they use to have bits of freeze dried chicken in em, now it's "chicken and mushroom flavour" lol
  4. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    LOL hmm true but would also mean I won't get fed for a month either and I can't cook fer sh!t, that's why I married a Chef
  5. What's up with the rain?

    I don't mind the rain, reminds me of the UK . That aside I think it helps you move around without your foot steps being heard as much.
  6. Now that we're in closed Beta, will there be a revamped Edge of Darkness edition in the future? As I'd love to upgrade from standard edition myself but at the moment if I did, I think the Wife would kill me if I did
  7. Factory Key

    Not found the factory key yet but then again wouldn't be no good to me if I could find it. Every time I try and load a factory raid either in online or offline mode the map loads to 100% and the game crashes . Try reinstalling the game but to no avail
  8. End Scav on Scav violence

    What about the ricochet effect? If a scav player shoots another scav player they take the damage instead of the player scav being shot at? If it can be done in a COD game on console I'm sure it could be programmed into a PC game