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  1. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    sorry for the downtime had to adjust the server a bit. if you tried to connect before it is back up.
  2. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    we seem to be doing alright for now. we do have a discord. most of our community has been around for awhile so thats why we continue to use TS3 edit: still looking for more people this wipe!
  3. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    i had to put in a password for unrelated reasons. the password to the TS is "level6"
  4. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    Just bumping for people returning for the update.
  5. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    a surprisingly large amount still use TS!
  6. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    sorry for not putting it in the main topic. but we are a 18+ only group.
  7. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    just putting this out there that we also just have casual sessions where we run around and just have fun we dont always take things to seriously we just like good communication. (re-posted accidently deleted the other one)
  8. darkknives666

    *RECRUITING* +HC+ Casual milsim group!

    Looking for mature and patient players for tactical EFT raids? join our teamspeak! hell's corp is a multi-continental gaming group centered around our teamspeak playing a wide range of games but focussing on first person shooters. We are looking for reinforcements for our members playing EFT. Therefor we are looking for players interested in progression in the game. We do play tactically to the point where some people will consider it a casual milsim playstyle. So we will not yell at you or make you call us sir but every raid has a leader and we expect people to follow his decisions. Generally we are looking for mature and patient players eager to learn with common sense. You do not need to join our gaming group if you just want to play EFT with us that is fine, too. If intreasted please join our teamspeak!: kovar.typefrag.com:6610
  9. darkknives666

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling factory key. 700k