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    group:maritime soldier action: explore rolling out of my sleeping gear the brisk morning air fills my lungs while i pack up my camp and break down my hide. don't want anyone to know i was here. time to press deeper into the city. by the looks of it the outskirts are a ghost town. freyr smiled upon me today. my back is weighted full with food to keep me moving through the rest of my journey. now i have dip, and food. i am set for this trip. now that i have had time to look down into the town and have seen little in the way of movement it is time to explore the town. i have a good feeling about today. i remember reading somewhere that keeping a journal helps with feelings of isolation and helps you remember information about the day. someone named.... oscar... oatsman... no it was ollie. i think i will start writing down things that happened that day. who knows if i do die in this city what i write down might help someone survive. learning from my failures sort of thing. journal entry: T- day 2 my name is gnome if you found my journal hopefully not on my corpse maybe you can get some use out of it. today i had my first lesson from tarkov. make sure you double and triple check your gear. i just went two days without food because i forgot that i packed it under the rest of my kit. the next bit of advice i have to you is starting early if you are out and about when others are still in slumber you just might get the first catch. think of how fishermen start early in the morning to get to the best hole to cast a line. or better yet "the early bird gets the worm" -signed gnome
  2. scompton


    group:maritime soldier action: move after failing to find water or food i bedded down for the night; i try to think of my move for the next day, thinking about the map the blueberries showed me there is what seemed to be a suburb to the north of me. and a highway to the east. until i find myself a functioning weapon i would much rather stay off the main roads. i decide to head north in the morning. 0400 rolled around fast. waking up at the same time i have for over a decade now. i might as well have a alarm built into my head. stretching out on my bedding then i groggily pack up my kit. i would love to have some food right now. my lack of supplies is becoming a greater concern. as i start heading north my stomach starts to growl. tossing a dip in my mouth to take the edge off i dredge on. the sun makes it high in the sky by the time i make it to my destination. i set up my camp under some thicket outside of the town. good now i have almost half a day to watch the town for any sort of movement, "hopefully the town is quiet" i mutter to myself as i lay there observing the town outskirts. once night rolls around it was time to go to bed. another day of no food. time to bed down for the night. pulling more thicket over my camp. i get ready to sleep in the brisk forest. funny while i get ready for bed there are so many animals out and about at night, so many shifts of the underbrush around me. i might have to be active like them tomorrow.
  3. scompton


    Group name: maritime soldier action: search the area for supplies description: after bribing the blue hats to get into the exclusion area of tarkov. i am left with next to no money or gear. i think to myself what did they teach us in sere training. at this point i need to find myself some water. and hopefully some gear. glancing down at the paper i have in my pocket of the names of some big players in tarkov i got from the that blueberry lieutenant who took all the gear i wanted to bring with me. i think to myself what the f*ck kind of a name is ragman. but getting contacts within the local area will have to wait. i start to search the local area for some source of water. luckily enough im in a forest there are usually streams or maybe some form of rain water i can scavenge
  4. scompton

    New players

    Character name gnome Description 5 foot 7 inch american. black hair, brown eyes stocky build clean shaven. doesn't talk much. is very service oriented; is always looking to take advantage of the situation. His past served in marine corps as a recon marine, then contracted to service by a triple letter agency. doesn't have family he speaks about. following his service he found he needs more challenge and fighting How did he get to Tarkov? seeking out adventure and profit. the only thing he has excelled in life is war fighting might as well be paid for it. Predilections exersize, quiet, hot food, good nights sleep, beer, reading. Friends whom he is working with at the time Wounds, and battles marja, faluja 1/2. helmand province. various scars covering his arms and upper chest. Aspirations teach the younger generations to keep the war fighter life alive. save up enough money and supplies to retire to a life of teaching. The greatest achievement that character did completing advanced recon training to include diving, jump school and designated marksman training. Strength 25 Endurance 20 Accuracy 35 Scout
  5. scompton


    good lord. the man just cant die
  6. scompton

    Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    looking great, going to be nice to have more ways to kit up. i am the only one who noticed the mini monster suppressor on the M4? https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=q108Wr7qNI2CjwPBuaPoCQ&q=mini+monster+suppressor&oq=mini+monster+su&gs_l=psy-ab.3.0.0i22i30k1l10.1526.10526.0.12379.
  7. scompton

    DR 1x/4x Question

    alt aim should change magnification.
  8. scompton

    How do I improve my survival rate as a new player?

    it takes a good amount of time to get really good at the game. i recommend playing slower when starting out. play in a way to defend yourself and get some kills here and there. focus on building up your stash so you can burn some items and not have to worry. in the event you run low on gear again( we all do at some point) play slow again and get guys at opportunity don't seek confrontation. you have to pick your fights when you can.
  9. scompton

    scav patrols

    i am enjoying the current build of shoreline. i just feel that it is empty in rather large areas. i think that adding in some scavs that roam some of the dead zones in the map would be a good touch. my idea is to have them roam on or near the roads around the map; groups of two or three. making some of these dead zones more lively and a little more of a hazard. i do not know what the plan is for the completed map i think that this might just breath a little more life into the map. edit (deleted double words)
  10. scompton

    Skier fortarmor quest??

    its not impossible, scavs do have a chance of spawning with fort armor on, its just about as common as helmets
  11. scompton

    Negative Reputation for Completing Nothing?

    you can still level him up, you can redo that same quest for him. it just means that now you have a set back in your reputation with him. don't worry not all the tasks have time hacks on them. last, the first skier task is a steep one; i recommend get the helmet and armor first then hand them over to skier
  12. grab the closest krinkov
  13. scompton

    Why I think Suppressors should NOT be nerfed

    when it comes to a suppressor, i think that there needs to be changes. unless you are running sub sonic ammo it should cover the bang(rife report) not the down range crack(sonic boom of the round) it would make running sub sonic ammo have a valuable use. in regards to sub sonic ammo they should put in options for it. be it a high grain bullet that hits hard at closer range but drops fast; or make it a cold load with a low bullet weight that will go further but hits with less energy.
  14. scompton

    A compass with degrees

    i could see a watch compass being the best solution to making it a fast effective tool for use.