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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Nice! Awesome to hear that they're being banned very quickly. Good stuff!! Keep up the good work.
  2. Spread out the spawn points in Woods

    "We have something awesome planned for the spawning system." With all due respect, I sure as heck hope so, because even with all the recent improvements to the spawn system (which helped!), players are finding ways to abuse it. The expectation that most people are decent human beings is simply absurd. Welcome to Tarkov. May you rest in pieces.
  3. Exit immunity

    ^^ How about two broken legs, as well as serious chest and arm damage?
  4. Make ammo boxes great – ideas

    First, thank you(!) for making a thread on this! Definitely needed. Cardboard ammo boxes IMO end their usefulness after you bring them back to your stash. They should NOT be sold on Fence's showcase. Epic clutter. They need to be auto-discarded when any player sells an ammo box to Fence. Otherwise, I'll keep my OCD day job of buying and selling them just so I can discard them myself for all us players on the US EST server(s). I notice a few other players are doing the same--thanks to all those out there who do! Anywho, I DON'T agree that trader ammo should be restricted to pre-set "chunks" or sizes. It's very helpful to be able to buy varying amounts of ammo to match what you, the player, need. If you only need 20 rounds of PP 5.56 ammo to top off a mag for example, you shouldn't have to buy a 60-pack. What would be helpful is better organization of Fence's showcase--though I understand how that can be dicey given the wide variety of sizes and shapes even for similar items. Ah; one more item: for some reason, empty ammo boxes appear in loot containers from time to time. Not a huge deal, by IMO if no ammo is inside, then the game shouldn't spawn an empty box into any container. After all, I don't like to be tricked into looting empty ammo boxes when I'm in a hurry. lol
  5. Improve Weapon mods

    If it helps(?) what I've been doing in the interim, is snapshotting each weapon (with variations) in the "modding" screen I get my hands on, so that I have an idea of what mods are available for it, and how/where they're used. It obviously doesn't cover every possible mod for that weapon, but usually the most important ones:
  6. Better (end more realistic) flashlight controls

    FWIW, since we're on the topic--hopefully currently broken lighting in places from flashlights will be fixed; (gas station extraction area shown):
  7. EfT's animations are fairly good--I've always felt that BF3 had the smoothest, and most realistic character movement of literally any PC FPS game I've played, but I'm not sure how DICE did theirs..?
  8. Converting dollars to roubles?

    Couldn't find an answer to this via search--is there any way to either convert or buy roubles using dollars? I know you can sometimes find roubles on Fence's showcase, but it's a roubles -> roubles sale (see below screenshot), so that's pointless. lol Asking only because I don't buy anything from Peacekeeper, and want to use those idle dollars for buying from the Russian traders.

    "Not knowing what to say"? How about: "Dang! I just got lucky!" *sigh* Now if that M4 had been a VSS, I would have been in heaven. But knowing my luck, I'd get ambushed anyway by a decked-out PMC camping outside dorms...
  10. The new key

    Keep in mind that there are keys that are identical in name and visuals, but have different sale values, and unlock different doors... Yes, 105 Key and 110 Key--I'm looking at you.
  11. Escape from Tarkov early Review/Thoughts/Suggestions

    ^^ True. Providing that BSG holds to their word in the future, it's a good reason to get the EoD Limited Edition.
  12. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Looks like a nice mix of outdoor and indoor combat..! Good stuff. But have to admit I'm still mostly looking forward to "Streets of Tarkov" (old screenshot below) and areas with better cover from snipers, etc.--even back in pre-alpha it looks drool-worthy. But(!) one map chunk at a time.
  13. Room 206?!

    Yeah, I have probably 95% of the keys (AFAIK), and this is one I'm still missing...
  14. New Weapons??

    ^^ Oh man, I'm in love with the G3A3's looks, sound, and feel (at least as exists in BF3). So glad it's being added to the game--will be serious competition with my love for the AS Val and VSS.
  15. Escape from Tarkov early Review/Thoughts/Suggestions

    For current clothing, yes--the only catch is that it appears(?) that the devs won't be doing too much in the way of clothing, due to graphical clipping issues that plague display of clothes in EVERY PC/console game out there...