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  1. improvised suppressors

    Ahoi. to make my final remark towards the unproductive site of this thread I'm sorry to hear that. the materials to fabricate the adapters or even other kinds of improvised devices aren't too specialized for them to be hard to come by. and as I mentioned the set of skills you need to fabricate what is basically a tube with an internal and an external thread are pretty much common knowledge. depending on the equipment you have access to it would take you about half an hour to an hour to manufacture one. have a nice day
  2. improvised suppressors

    Ahoi. So to further elaborate on the topic of improvised muzzle devices. the primary part of an oil filter suppressor is found in roughly the same amount as there are cars. On the topic of 'bringing in the adapters': there would be no need to bring in an adapter that can be manufactured with the most basic machining setup. Since conflict zones tend to produce a lot of very ingenious solutions on how to accomplish tasks with the most basic of supplies I would not think it impossible in any way for people with a basic skillset in milling to produce such adapters. On the note of me being passive agressive towards you: In no way was I disrespectful to you or did call you names. How would a reply in a linear thread not have gotten my attention even without caps? If you want people to take you seriously in any way try refining you communication skills. pro tip: try writing constructive replies and maybe people won't think you're 11. have a nice day.
  3. improvised suppressors

    that was the gist of the idea. although you would probably still have to buy the adapter for the filter. but as you said, having a purpose for items you loot apart from just selling them would be nice. For example taping two magazines together with ducktape to have one quicker reload. the whole reliability issue you mention sounds nice. maybe you could buy new oilfilters from traders for cheap, and if you loot one in a raid from a car it is naturally used and poses the risk of lowering your damage/damaging your gun. that would make for a nice excercise in gamebalance/realism. having different improvised items you can craft could even be split in crafting 'on the fly' in a raid and stuff you need to craft in specialised facilitie in your hideout.
  4. improvised suppressors

    whoa man my intention was not to unsettle you in a way to provoke such a strong reaction. my goal was merely to propose an implementation, that on the one hand would possibly make for a nice gameplay addition as well as match the atmosphere of the game. It was in no way my intention to propose to take away the 'proper' silencers, that you seem to care deeply about I hope you accept my humble apology for having tipped your emotional balance. On the other hand we should let the developers decide what they see fit to implement in the game. I'm merely making suggestions here. have a nice day
  5. improvised suppressors

    Hey, I was wondering, because improvised suppressors would match the setting quite nicely, wether there is anything planned in that direction. There are a couple of devices out there, that allow the use of for example vehicle oil filters as suppressors (for example econo-can). they are attached by means of a muzzle adapter. since they are hollow to begin with the first bullet pierces the bottom and you have an area for the gasses to expand in. could be implemented in a way so that you can buy the adapter and maybe find the filters on the maps. As in real life they could be of limited use and decaying in effectiveness over time, and the first bullet being less effective of course. Also including the main drawback of pretty much destroying you sightpicture. i thought it would be a nice addition for a resource deprived area. keep up the good work.