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  1. What Headphone's should I use?

    I am using since +3 Years Astro A40 + Mixamp Pro TR. Unfortunately I've had multiple issues which some of those has been fixed: mixamp not working anymore and had to fix the power button on my own and mic is still broken. For that reason I bought an external Mic (Blue yeti). Sound quality is very good, IMO. To the other side, in terms of durability, I am not sure Astro stays in pole position... Anyway, I am thinking to upgrade to the Audiotechnica ATH-ADG1X + Creative Sound BlasterX G5 as Mixamp.
  2. dessus

    Topic moved to Français forum
  3. Bug ou update ?

    @Vankor #Locked
  4. trader prices go insane!!?

    Before creating a new topic, give a read to the news section or use the search function. #Locked
  5. Clan [ITA]: One Million Nerds

    @lucegame The following topic has been moved to the Italian board.
  6. YDN Gamers ITA Recruiting

    This is the english section board. Topic moved to Italiano. #Topic Moved
  7. Game Upgrading.

    Dear @RvBSargeRvB2313, You can easily upgrade your version by first logging in to website using your credentials and, by going to the preorder page you only need to choose the package you wish and the amount paid will be the difference between your actual and the new version + VAT. Thank you for your help! #locked #answered
  8. When is wipe

    @Chickennoodleso If there will be a wipe, a forum post will be also made. Don't worry. Next time you are pleased to use the search function as there are many topics about. Just need to be patient Developers will state futher information about as soon as they are ready for it. Thanks #Locked

    @crazimike Currently you are free to join any map available: Customs, Shoreline, Woods and Factory. If you are looking for a "paper" map, Therapist will sell it for you. Happy Raid #Locked #Answered
  10. Trader stock?

    This is a known issue. Devs are aware of that and will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience #Locked
  11. Traders empty after 5 mins

    Just for your information, Devs are aware of the issue. They are working on fixing it! Thanks for your patience
  12. Escape From Tarkov - Battle Royale.

    Nothing is confirmed YET, anyway, Klean stated in a reddit post: "If battle royal were to come to eft. It would be way after the game has been finished.". For the time being, there are no news about and, personally, I wish the game will be focused on something different than battle royale. There are many games for that. EFT Is more than a battle royale!
  13. EFT Montage by Lukas97Austria

    Nice one, @Lukas97Austria ! Love the soundtrack
  14. Forcing Similarly Geared Players Into Same Lobby

    Dear @ChernobylZ, This topic has been discussed many times. The only thing the game is taking care of, is being sure that players on the server belong on the same issue in order to not incur in Ping issue. It's not planned having a matchmaking based on Level, skills or by equipment mainly because of the loss of realism. Next time you are pleased to use the search function. #Locked #Answered
  15. Regarding Optimization

    @Nono_ You are definitely running the minimum specs to run the game, anyway, consider that the actual stage of the game is in beta. Hopefully you will be able to run the game better! Anyway, for instance I'd suggest you to upgrade your ram to 16GB in order to have less issues running big maps like Shoreline without running OOM. And, when playing, just launch the game without many other applications running on the background. You are also able by the launcher settings to let automatically close the launcher itself when the game has started. Thanks for your patience!