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  1. gianluzzz

    Looking for Pakistan group

    Topic moved to Looking for group board.
  2. gianluzzz

    A little information for you!

    Great news to read!
  3. Senza un log mi viene difficile aiutarti. Prova cosi: disinstalla il gioco e reinstalla anche il launcher aprendo l'app come amministratore. Prima di procedere all'installazione però, ti suggerisco di disabilitare antivirus e firewall. Fammi sapere
  4. Figurati! a presto!
  5. gianluzzz

    unlocking/locking doors.

    As stated by Nikita some months ago, you will be able to lock doors if you have the key, and it's also planned to have a key durability as well as multitool lockpicking.
  6. Hmm...considerando che il gb singolo lo ottieni "unendo" le due GPU, potresti avere qualche piccolo problema di compatibilità e integrazione delle due schede ingame , come in qualsiasi altro gioco suppongo, ma penso che tu riesca comunque a goderti il gioco anche con i settaggi grafici impostati su low. Mi raccomando, togli tutti gli effetti possibili (Blur ecc) per avere una esperienza in game piu fluida
  7. Ciao @fabrix_italy, Le caratteristiche del tuo PC rientrano pienamente nei requisiti minimi richiesti dalla casa. Ti ricordo solo questo: il gioco è in closed beta, pertanto potrai notare cali di performance da una versione all'altra. Una nuova patch 0.9 verra rilasciata a breve. Non siamo molto distanti dalla Open Beta Testing ma per tua info, è giusto ricordare a cosa potresti andare in contro. Detto questo, spero di incontrarti presto su Tarkov
  8. gianluzzz

    Europe - Norwegian looking for a group to play with.

    Dear @adrkaar1, As stated per the section rules, we do not accept any "Looking for group" topics. Please find a clan through this section. I am sure there are groups looking for 'newbies' soldier in the battlefield Thanks for your understanding. #Locked
  9. gianluzzz

    Busco clan o grupo habla hispana!

    Dear @amaury1047, The topic is going to be locked. You are writing in the English section Here you can search for some spanish clans! Enjoy! #Locked
  10. gianluzzz

    south america server

    You're welcome! #Locked #Answered
  11. gianluzzz

    south america server

    Hi @artur0712, Welcome to the Forum. Unfortunately, there are no servers located in South America still, but, I may suggest you to run the launcher and on the main page, above your game edition, there is written "Change Server". Just let ping every single one and choose the best that has the lowest ping. Hopefully, soon the game will provide more servers near to your location. Have a great day!
  12. gianluzzz


    Prevediamo di iniziare l'installazione dell'aggiornamento entro un'ora. L'installazione richiederà del tempo. Durante l'installazione dell'aggiornamento, il gioco non sarà disponibile. Ottimizzazione Shoreline Ottimizzazione Customs Risolti alcuni problemi - Interchange Nuove variabili: Materiale armor e la sua riparabilità Nuove variabili nell'armor: danno smussato (danno senza penetrazione) Fix minore del LOD della testa degli Scav IA spawna con il visore giù Freeze minori, effetti culling.
  13. gianluzzz

    Where and how do I submit a bug report?

    Dear @ZombieBun, As stated also when you open the launcher: "All "game support" requests can be made ONLY from the LAUNCHER now.". Just open the game launcher, click over your username -> Report Bug. That's all
  14. gianluzzz


    Logitech gaming software is a third party program, I agree, but is not doing anything wrong with the game. You know, for instance, AHK (Just google a bit on what some scripts were able to do for EFT), is a third party software that, when in game, was complitely messing up many things...Autorecoil, autorun etc. I do have wheel and pedals always plugged in my pc with Logitech Profile always on as well and I've never had a single issue. Did you get my point now, @8mob8?
  15. gianluzzz


    Let's make a baby step: I've read lots of topics around the web where by running AHK scripts, many users have been banned. So, I'd suggest you to not use that particular and/or similar software. About Reshade, for the time being, that program is not bannable as is not considered as a cheat, still. Let's make it easier: If you are able (for instance) to reload your weapon by assigning a button of your mouse directly in game (Controls menu), then you are good. If you are using thirdy part software to permits so, then, you might get in trouble. Easier than that... This is all I can tell you based on my knowledge and experience so far.