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  1. Esso

    Huge ban wave

    I have not been on these forums since my quest for Asia servers came to an end. I had to log on just to congratulate and give credit where credit is due. Thanks, BSG for making some incredibly user-friendly steps and focusing on cheaters and performance of the game. Thank you from the bottom of my black heart.
  2. Esso

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I have mixed feelings. I want it now, but i dont want anyone else to have it, ever. I am glad it is stupid overpriced. It better not have range over 100m or it will be way too op. Inbe4 this gets made into goggles and it becomes the new meta. FLIR scopes in Battlefield 4 were utter cancer. I hope devs balance them well.
  3. Esso

    Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Yes! Oh my god, yes! THANK YOU so much! This has made my day, as soon as i get home from work i can actually join you all in the battle (with each other and the bugs! :D). Thank you @ /u/BSG_ArmaSwiss on Reddit for bringing my cracked and over-shouted voice to the powers that be. Thanks to Colonel Twerkins and thanks to BSG as a whole for recognizing the need for regional servers in growing EFT communities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Guess i have to change my avatar now. :3
  4. Esso

    bad sound engine..

    Honestly i am the worst person to share with experiences in this regard as i am unable to play in any meaningful way. I have been lurking around the forums and subreddit reminding everyone that Asia servers are STILL not launched and playing on Russian servers from Thailand or Singapore is literal suicide. Might aswell just ALT+F4 and give your gear to hatchlings. So no escaping for me until Battlestate pulls out a finger.
  5. Esso

    bad sound engine..

    The sounds are great. The only thing that i have trouble with is figuring out if the sound comes from above, below or same level as me. The direction is not an issue, height is.
  6. Игра здесь буквально не функционирует. Пожалуйста. Мы тоже хотим играть. Мы заплатили за это право.
  7. Dear @ArmaSwiss The best thing to bring Escape From Tarkov to players is to bring the game to people who ALREADY paid you for the game. Entire Asia region is unable to join the beta in any meaningful way. The desync is ridiculous! I have given up on playing the game online, as have everyone i know in Asia because we simply can't do much more than run scavs, extract immediately hoping that another scav will not pop you in the head and then using said scav gear in offline mode fighting aimbotting terminator scavs that way. Online ends in a player suddenly appearing in front of me and me dying half a second later. I actually thought its hackers, but i dont see popular streamers in US or EU experiencing this. This is what EVERY SINGLE online round is like for us in Asia. Australia got theirs. Yes, we have been told Asia is coming soon (TM), but "soon" is not good enough. Stop thinking about adding more players to a game that CANNOT sustain all the players that ALREADY bought the damn game. I mean, some common sense, please! Pozalyusta! Mi v Azii toze hochim igratj!
  8. Esso

    The Oceania server started!

    We are still badly hurting for that Asia server. Please, we want to join the fun!
  9. Esso

    Friendly Wiggle

    I met you in customs. You had but a hatchet. You wiggled, knowing you are in my full mercy. For some reason i did not just pop you once in the face, even though i had one of your kin just attempt a lobotomy on me. I had just popped an aggressive hatchling that i caught searching through filing cabinets. I gave you his gun. We proceeded out of the red spawn area hangar. I trusted you and led the formation, when suddenly i feel shots in the back. I quickly spin around already lamenting my generous heart, et tu, brute? As i start frantically popping off hipshots from my P226, i realize it is not you shooting at me, but a fully decked M4 wielding Kever bucket-headed Fort wearing SOB from a crack in the wall just meters from you. As i fell, im certain i put a few in him, you were still alive in prime position to ambush him. The long dark took me not knowing your fate. My friend, i hope you managed to drop that motha and get flush. o7 Need. Voice. Over. IP. Now.
  10. Esso

    The Oceania server started!

    So.... I just recently found out that the game released Oceanic servers. I rejoiced, bought the game (no vpns, straight up, account location Thailand) and began playing. Detected horrid lags and tried to pinpoint the cause. Why does my profile says my region is "Other"? How to force connection to Oceanic servers? I checked game logs and the servers i was connecting for my games are in Russia! Do we have ANY estimated time of arrival for the Asia servers? We know they are next, but when next? Next month? Next week? I cant play if im getting lag-dunked by random Russians all the time. Pop a dude in the head, run around a corner and duck in cover, take sudden magical damage and die. Yay.
  11. Esso

    Asian Servers

    South East Asia gamer here. We NEED SEA or at the very least OCE servers or there is no playing. The internet is poo enough in this neck of the woods without being forced to connect with US or EU servers to play.
  12. The only reason i have not yet bought the game is because of the horrible South East Asia and Oceania server situation. And this comes from a guy who has completed every single STALKER game multiple times and has stupid amounts of time in games like Day-Z. I NEED what this game is, but i cant get my "cheeki" invested until devs sort out their "breeki".