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  1. Forien

    Pinning Solos against Groups is ridiculously stupid

    Hunt: Showdown does the same and suddenly nobody is mad about that. 1. Get friends 2. If you dont have friends then change playstyle and be more carefull 3. This game never was about "equal chances in direct combat". This game always was about "gather intel and take the most of given situation and do whatever you can to Escape". What I mean is that this game is not Battle Royale or Deathmatch like Cod. You are not supposed to kill everyone. Duh, you aren't even supposed to have equal chances. This game is all about what you do to increase your chances to survive. Some one brings friends because that give them advantage and better chances at survival. Some one camp bottleneck? They found something that have them advantage. Playing solo in EFT is the same as playing solo in Hunt: Showdown. You are willingly going with position of disadvantage for more challenge/thrills. Edit: written with smartphone, autocorrection mistakes may be present.
  2. Forien

    fast walk to zero slow walk

    Caps-Lock toggles between MAX<->MIN speed. If you use if on different speed, then it will toggle between CURRENT<->MIN speed. It's all there's to it.
  3. Forien

    Magazine fast loaders

    Don't take BP if you are poor? Against most enemies PS is as effective. It takes same amount of rounds to kill UNTAR/GZHEL guy with PS as with BP. Maybe play with SKS/VPO-136 if you are poor? Learn to conserve ammo with semi-auto. There is lot to do and improve, instead just "gimme instant reloads!"
  4. Forien

    Magazine fast loaders

    And it would took you longer to find a table/clean flat place on the ground, sit, take it off the backpack, put on the ground, take ammo out off the backpack, prepare it and load a single mag, than just to load a single mag. Fast loaders are fine, but in safe environment. Like at your house, at shooting range, in Hideout.... But no sane person would sit on the ground like a baby playing with LEGO, just to take out fast loader and load a mag. It's safer to stay behind cover, load it one-by-one and in case of anything to react. The only problem I have is that you can't see anything while loading, which should not be the case. You should be able to see surrounding, but not move while loading. Anyway - fast loaders aren't used in combat situations. And they shouldn't be. It would be too weird and dangerous. Maybe you should just bring more than one or two magazines? Take vest that can handle 8 of them....
  5. Forien

    Vendor level requirement

    I would suggest adding more trader tiers. Current traders tier 4 could be a round tier 5-6 (level wise) with up to lets say tier 10 (which would have top gear that we currently get at tier 4. It would give us more often progression, but with smaller steps. And would overall allow for longer progression after release
  6. Forien

    if wipe, keep containers?

    He meant that he wants to keep all his 40 weapons cases and 15 item cases upon wipe. Like... wat? That's terrible idea. Also wipes are terrible idea, but since at this moment we are not supposed to play and enjoy the game, but to TEST it, then we have them and I understand that. But after release there should be no wipes. If there will be wipes after release, many people will simply stop playing.
  7. Forien

    Smoke grenade

    https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/search/?&amp;q="smoke grenade"&amp;author=Blackb1rd&amp;search_and_or=or&amp;sortby=relevancy Yup.
  8. Forien

    Prośba o pomoc dla zdeterminowanego nooba:)

    Woodsy to zwykle domena snajperów i full gearów. Jak jesteś biedny to przestań kupować gear. Używaj tylko gearu zdobycznego. Jak musisz kupować to Grach (ammo Pst) albo TT (ammo Pst Gzh) są wystarczające na scavy. Omijaj tartak, szukaj scavow na południowych skałach,albo na patrolu między tartakiem a skrzyżowaniem (ale uważaj bo tam są skałki snajperskie koło skrzyżowania i czesto kampia na patrol). Jak coś to pisz PW, chętnie pomogę, ale obecnie jestem cały weekend na wyjeździe, więc dopiero jutro mogę coś bardziej (np przejść się z Tobą)
  9. Forien

    Mission "Lootables"

    Clin Wipers are abudant. Wait for tak with gunpowders... They are not going for first person shooter (at least not as most people understand FPS genre). They are going for "survival battle simulator" (their words) with elements of rpg. I like tasks, grind etc. That gives some targets, feel of progress and that tiny feel of proud and reliefe when you complete a hard serie of tasks. Progression, quests and character development is essential to a game like this. Also - you don't lose skills.
  10. Forien

    Hitreg off perhaps?

    You have encountered either godlike desync, or godlike "not entirely honest player". It has nothing to do with hit registration. PS. Any bullet to the head is insta kill. No matter the caliber. If target does not have a helmet, one hit is all it takes to kill him. PPS. That could also be a disconnected player. Those are immortal, sadly.
  11. Forien

    Camera spike

    Remote camera is okay. Little magical window on your screen is horse dung. It should at least require looking at some sort of tablet or remote (for example similar to current map tab). Overall not a bad idea, but I'm not that convinced it's that relevant to the game. And it might be hard to balance.
  12. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    You completely miss the point... let me dumb this down for you, maybe then you will grasp some of it: My proposition only goes for KIBA that already and currently REQUIRES two DIFFERENT keys CURRENTLY ONE of the keys is lootable (fixed spawn, not loot tables) CURRENTLY SECOND key is task reward (which you deny all the time because reasons...) I said nothing about making EVERY door requiring TWO keys. It would be preposterous.. (oh, I was supposed to keep it dumbed down, sorry) - I mean, it would be crazy I proposed, that current lootable key should be removed from it's fixed spawn And both keys THAT ALREADT EXIST IN THE GAME should be task reward While only half the players would get KEY A and only half players would get KEY B, which would make the keys (and set as a whole) more rare, exclusive and squad-oriented. Is it simple enough for you to grasp? If no, then sorry, I don't really want to get on lower level than that. It's really funny that you first deny that there are two keys, I show you screen, you don't react to it. You then deny that there is key as task reward, I prove it to you and suddenly you change your topic. Special Pleading at it's finest. Jeez...
  13. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    You are either trolling me, or you are both ignorant and arrogant... either way, just stop posting. Now, how would you explain this? (task details and trader covered for those sensitive about spoilers): And it's not like I didn't already show you both keys on one screen. I own them both. So... I don't know, just stop... Yup, I totally agree. All I was saying in my original post is that, if there are two keys needed (like for KIBA right now), they could be evenly distributed in the community, while still being kind of exclusive and rare. That's all I proposed What I said in no way touches the Marked Room (or it's issues), because that's not the point here
  14. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    Because it's so "hard" to run off with RSASS and DVL on your back...
  15. Forien

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    But that's the current system! Which I wish to change! Please read my original post again. Carefully. And notice words "currently", "right now" and "my idea". Please. You need two keys, and right now one is lootable, one is task reward. Jeez... I'm talking to a wall >_>