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  1. Forien

    BuySpam in Fleamarket

    If you want to do some good, then sell it in packs of 300-600. So? Argument from authority is something you grab when you have nothing else to get your point. Flea Market works good now. If yours intent as a seller is pure, you will have no issues whatsoever. From what I see, whiners are usually people trying to exploit the system and they are crying because it doesn't work. Spamming is a way for people (buyers) to counter greedy griefers buying all the ammo out and reselling it for 5-10 times more. Either suck it up, or sell it in packs, or stop dealing in ammo. I have no issue with receiving 100 separate payments for 100 sights or mounts I put up on the market for people not having levels. I even sold thousands of dollars in 1000-dollar packs. There is no issue if you are not exploitative.
  2. Forien

    BuySpam in Fleamarket

    Why do you sell 8k or more bullets? Either stop griefing by purchasing 10k ammo from traders, or suck it up. Seriously. You have so many options: Put 8k as pack Put 3 packs of (for example) 2k each Stop buying all ammo from traders for greedy reasons Basically you whine about your own griefing behaviour backfiring. Lol!
  3. Forien

    BuySpam in Fleamarket

    Nah. If you don't want to get spammed, put up the PACK offer. You get all money in one GET.
  4. It was quite simple to be honest. Caliber. Every gun on the list has caliber of 7.62mm, AK-9 and RPKS-74N are the only ones not having that. You guys focused too much on what "2 guns had in common" instead of "which 2 guns don't fit"
  5. Thought of exactly the same thing yesterday! Yeah, we need that!
  6. For some items tags are usefull, but hard to read. For example on Keybars. I see only first 2 letters of tag "San". Minor thing, but I guess easy to fix. Screenshot for reference: <- please make it so TAG's background (red here) covers item's SHORT NAME ("Keytool" here).
  7. Another thing: If I sell hundreds of items, I have hundreds of "GETS". Maybe "GET ALL" item that tries to get all attachments and put them into stash (and stops if stash has no more space)? Would be handy for many low-value trades...
  8. Yeah, item name and sold amount would be awesome! Now I need to count the money and figure what sold...
  9. Forien

    Clear all button for handbook

    Just click on the number and it will disappear (yeah, not intuitive... should be a button)
  10. @iyhan_spb It takes them longer than I thought Now I see why there are 2 keys for this one
  11. Forien

    Serious BUG

    I've put several non-examined (who's got time for that during looting) keys to keybar and had no issues.
  12. Yeah, it was but needed key for my friend. Oops Anyway, I will give others a chance now and only lurk around. Fun stuff!
  13. AK-74N doesn't have folding stock, every other gun on this list has.
  14. Forien

    Sposób na dołączenie do gry ekipą po Patchu 10.5

    U mnie sposób (na uniknięcie błędu, nie jego naprawę) jest prosty: Błąd pojawia się gdy ktokolwiek siedzi w lobby dłużej niż chwilę (z 10 sekund lub więcej). Tak więc opracowaliśmy taki sposób: 1. Wszyscy wchodzimy naraz. 2. Jeden zaprasza jak najszybciej całą resztę i startuje mecz 3. ...? 4. Profit! Co nie zmienia faktu, że irytuje i liczymy na szybką naprawę, ale polecam przetestować ten sposób. A, i jeśli komuś już się grupowanie rozsypało to wtedy rozwiązanie podane przez @lisurwis naprawi.