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  1. Zotach

    Toxic playerbase?

    been the same way since day 1, nothing new here
  2. Zotach

    Repair prices

    makes my hatchet running more profitable, wooo
  3. Zotach


    i wouldnt even go that far, a decent invenstor is all BSG would need to expand their studio
  4. Zotach


    it's not casual enough for microsoft, microsoft buys studios that produces games that have the potential to reach mass market and apeal to the majority of the population.
  5. Zotach

    Unplanned TeamWork

    sad but true
  6. Zotach

    are resets mandatory?

    well just don't play untill full release then, you know this game is a beta
  7. Zotach

    Anyone wanna teach me the ropes haha.

    What do you need to learn rope for, you can find charts online that tell you all you need
  8. i mean thats what the whole point of zeroing the sight when you mount it is for right so you shoot where you aim
  9. it's a glitch, you can jump up some invisible walls to get up there
  10. Zotach

    Am I the only one?

    because everyone is greedy.
  11. Zotach


    but thats survival for you, you find what you need to survive in raid. it's more immersive
  12. Zotach

    Leg armor?

    this has already been discuessed by the devs before, it's a possibility
  13. Zotach

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    whenever a usec see's a scav we need a "look out a terminator!"
  14. Zotach

    We need Kill Cam

    OR there is killcam, but it isnt for us, it stays active for 10-30 mins after you die in the raid and automatically sends to the devs when you report a cheater with the report function