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  1. Getting killed by yourself?

    Hey, there have been a few times where I get killed, and the death screen only shows my name. I have seen that happen if you bleed out, but I though it a bit unusual to have happen when getting shot dead. Is anyone else noticing this, and if so, is this just a bug, or is it a sign that someone is cheating?
  2. Well I am taking a break....

    Whats more fun than giving away your stash? Resetting your game profile. I don't find getting loot particularly difficult, even playing solo. I really don't understand why people exploit/cheat.. it's not that hard people. All you are going to accomplish by cheating at a game like this, is to run off all the normal players.. then you can have all the fun you want shooting at scavs all day, because no one else is going to be left playing. Sounds like one heck of a victory to me.
  3. Scav timer reduced

    I'm okay with the scav timer reduction, as long as people are using scavs to hunt for other players and not to kill npc scavs. Ideally, I would like to see a system with a base timer, say, 30 minutes, and add 15 minutes for every scav you kill. It would be nice to see that applied for killing npc and player scavs, but it may only be possible to punish npc scav kills if you don't wish to punish those who were defending themselves from a dirty scav.