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  1. This Game is making my net drop out

    The game currently sends and receives a ridiculous amount of data. My home network downloads at about 14mbps and I have trouble opening web pages while the game is running. When the desync kicks in my network is completely useless. My phone won't even connect to our wifi. I'd strongly recommend waiting to see if any of these upcoming network updates make any improvements, because you are literally burning your money topping up your 4G data this frequently.
  2. Thanks for the info. It sounds like the same behaviour to be honest. It's a little more consistent for me, but that could just be my internet connection or location. I'm actually a software tester by day, so I feel like we should get this info into bug reports/support tickets. That way at least we know (or hope) someone will read it. It may get overlooked completely on these forums. Also something I wanted to point out was my upload speed. My download speed is acceptable, but I upload at less than 1mbps. I've noticed no issues on any other game, but maybe Tarkov is doing something different? Trying to upload too much? Maybe it could cache more to reduce network traffic? I dunno, just a thought.
  3. Agreed. People say the Russian forum is a bit better for info from the devs, but that doesn't help us non Russian speakers. I'm not a big fan of watching streams anyway, but I dislike how they appear to be more informed than the rest of us. The devs pay too much attention to streamers in my opinion. It's not really representative of the current state of the game. The most popular streamers are in the US, and from what I've seen it's like watching someone play a completely different game from what I experience in the UK on EU servers. But hey, it's free advertising isn't it, so the devs love them.
  4. Hmmm... Maybe your connection is just a bit better than mine. Next time you start to desync, and items start to flash in your inventory, tab-out and try to open a web page then and see what happens. My friends tell me I also start to break up in teamspeak when this happens. My connection isn't amazing, but its not terrible either. I can play any other online game with a decent ping. I just find it unusual how not only do I start to lag and desync in-game, but it effects my whole system too. Web browser, TS, even my phone connected to the wifi starts to behave strangely. It has to be due to the amount of data being transferred. If it was just a bad connection to the server I'd only see the effects in-game.
  5. I'm just being realistic man. I'd love all of these issues to be fixed by release, really. I've submitted my fair share of bug reports, but if people aren't actively discussing these issues how are the devs going to know what's really going on with their game? Burry your head in the sand if you want but you're only going to be disappointed on release day when you descover these issues are still here.
  6. These problems have always been here, just the influx of new players with the latest patch is making everything much worse. I've not played in a while because waiting 7 minutes potentially just to die in a few seconds is a waste of time. I think this is due to server load and could be improved by opening up more servers. The desync issue I believe is caused by packet size. If you're not familiar with this it's basically a way of describing how much data is sent and received over a network at any one time. Tarkov sends and receives an obscene amount of data while you are in game. To the point where if you alt tab and try to open a web page it either won't load, or takes a long time to load. People located closer to a server with really good internet suffer less, but sooner or later they'll be matched with someone who isn't, and they'll lag and desync too. Even if they say they don't. This is a fundamental problem for any online fps, and as much as I like Tarkov I don't have a lot of faith that these issues will be fixed soon, seeing as they haven't been able to fix it already. Moving into open beta in this state is a mistake in my opinion as it's likely to make the problem worse, and leave a bad impression on new players.
  7. are the quest too linear?

    Well that's good news. If they're making them more common then it shouldn't be too bad. I also heard that they are spawning in the large green crates now too. Can't confirm that though.
  8. are the quest too linear?

    The trader quests are exactly how I imagined they would be. However I'm a little disappointed in a couple of things. I've been playing pretty frequently for the last 6 weeks or so and I too have never seen a set of Fort armour. It's completely unreasonable to be required to hand that over in order to level up a trader. I was hoping they would start small, acquire 10 packs of smokes, or two ak's for example. Then work up to the rarer stuff for a higher reward. I don't want quests to be too easy, but if they're too hard many people won't do them and just continue to spawn kill or Scav farm weapons. The other thing I would of liked to have seen is an option to decline a quest and take a new one. A sort of "re-roll", limited by a cool down so people can't abuse it. Without this it just means everyone is constantly looking for the same items. Some people will find them and progress, many others will remain stuck on the same quest with no other way to level their traders.
  9. Combating Lower Settings vs High Settings

    The Arma solution is one of the best I've seen for this issue. It's not perfect but it works, and I think it could be achieved in unity too. Over a certain distance players and AI sink into the ground very slightly. Most noticeable when prone, this creates the effect of being partially concealed by grass even though it's not actually rendered. The attached image is a very extreme example from Arma 2 I think but it illustrates my point. I'm not sure who created this image, I found it in a forum somewhere. Credit to them for making it.
  10. Cant leave the Raid

    I've often thought this too. More and more I've noticed desync seems to start when you enter an area with AI scavs. For example the dock area on Shoreline. Either shooting at them, or just sneaking past them appears to cause issues. When I get past them and check the box near the exit, the inventory screen is often delayed or just never appears. When this happens I can't extract either. Those times when there's no obvious reason for desync, I wonder if it's because other players are fighting scavs somewhere else on the map? Also I've watched some streamers from the US and they often just wait out the desync. After a few minutes it seems to catch up and they can continue. I'm in the UK and I can tell you I've never recovered from a desync. Once items start flashing in my inventory there's no coming back. Alt + F4 and reconnect is the only way I can finish a raid. Depending on the map and how long I stay in it, I sometimes have to reconnect two or three times just to finish a raid. It's becoming a real pain. I'm pretty much confined to playing factory at the moment. As cool as this game is I don't feel I can properly test it right now, because all of the issues I see usually boil down to desync.
  11. Spawn point camping

    This is much better idea than my suggestion. I was over-thinking it.
  12. Spawn point camping

  13. Spawn point camping

    I see what you're saying. It adds a bit more realism to the grouping system I suppose. I just think that it should be easier to play raids with your friends. At the moment, with the crazy spawns and the "kill anything that moves" attitude, at least one of your group is bound to end up dead before you've even managed to find each other. If a group decided to play together in the lobby I really think they should start the raid together. I'm assuming they've already met up before joining the instance. Like I said before, when the whole of the map is playable it's a different story, and it makes sense you should have to find each other.
  14. Spawn point camping

    If they open up the whole map like I've heard they plan too then yeah, sure you can meet up wherever. That sounds like a cool thing to do. As it stands at the minute though you've already done that by deciding to group up in the lobby before the raid. Why group up before the raid just to become separated when the raid begins? It doesn't make sense to me.
  15. Spawn point camping

    This happened to me yesterday afternoon on factory. I spawned in the tunnels near a set of metal stairs. I spawned in crouched and couldn't stand up straight away, so I made a very small amount of noise sorting my stance out. I'd barely taken a few steps when a grenade rolled down the stairs I believe. Dead in 7 seconds. Lost all my gear and spent more time loading the level than playing it. Something needs to be done about it for sure, but I don't think spawn protection is a good idea. Using Survarium as an example of how this sucks - If you happen to get on a good team and start to dominate the map you eventually see people spawn. When people have spawn protection you can't kill them but they can still kill you. It's really frustrating and equally as unfair. I know that's in a TDM game mode but I feel like it could still happen in Tarkov when Scavs spawn in progress. I think there needs to be more spawn points, chosen randomly, further apart, and if possible with some sort of check for other players within a certain radius. If there is, then choose another spawn. Also, I'm sure it's been mentioned but groups need to spawn together. It seems a bit ridiculous that you can group up with 4 other players but then spawn on opposite sides of the level. As the mod has said the devs are aware of the issue. We'll just have to wait and see how they deal with it.