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  1. Dogtags! Too easy money!

    AND here I am with over 50 dog tags just sitting in my stash
  2. Suggestion: Custom key bindings for all functions

    My alt is bound to my mouse button.. makes life 100x easier
  3. Factory key

    I've found 5.. hmu a few days before the next reset and I'll share
  4. Fix AI spawns

    Just wiped a 4 man squad and while I was looting AI spawned right on top of me and one shot me through Fort and a Helmet.. pretty sure it wasn't a player scav because it was half an hour into the round. the Devs need to fix this, it's not the first time I've had AI or player scavs spawn literally next to me
  5. Disable the console (or at least an option to)

    What's the command for fps? I've always wondered what mine is
  6. Gamma Case

    Easiest thing to do is buy a beta container from peacekeeper..
  7. Can quests be done as Scavs?

    I don't think so, I tried to do a few on my scav and it won't class them as active
  8. face customization and more

    Face customisation, healing animations and weapon jams are all already planned and in progress...
  9. Boonie Hats

    I can totally get behind this idea.. and hopefully I wouldn't be the only one to insure my boonie
  10. Shoulder aim

    That's what I was thinking, not going to lie I haven't looked through the skills for a while since they're not fully implemented, but it makes sense to be able to switch between the two, plus some players may shoot left handed themselves irl (I can't for the life of me)
  11. Shoulder aim

    So I had and idea, it's probably been suggested but what the heck. when the character leans left he exposes a lot of his body due to holding the weapon in his right hand, how about giving us the option to swap the weapon into our left hand.. this could add another skill because obviously you won't be able to control your weapon as well in your dominant hand and you would need to get used to is? i think this would add more realism because soldiers in the field often do this to make themselves a smaller target ^ link for clarity thanks for reading Lord
  12. Killed befor loading in.

    5 minutes for me, multiple times on customs and woods
  13. Switching Factions/PMC

    I'm in the same boat as you, started to hate my used and im hoping come next wipe we can change factions. it doesn't seem like a big enough deal to contact customer support just because I don't like the green arms I see haha
  14. AI Targeting/Patrolling/Spawning

    I think it ties into bots "alert status" ive seen a scav run from one end of factory to the other looking around (no players left) and I've seen the gas station scavs on customs walking out into the field. I'm guessing it's a queue such as distant gunfire that starts them off?
  15. New AI accuracy

    I agree, yes it's a hardcore shooter but 90% of my deaths are from bots, yes you can still outsmart them but then they instantly know your location even though you made no sound it's not of an end enjoyable experience. i feel like the devs did the right thing with increasing the amount of scavs but their accuracy could be tweaked slightly.