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  1. Just was killed by a Hacker

    "impossible to kill us at the same time" Boi you guys lined up perfectly for him. Pretty sure he was spraying the hatchling guy and got you by accident. /thread
  2. Desync and Group identifying

    The arm band has been said hundreds of times, even devs confirmed. Can't say anything about the desync.
  3. Upgrade to Unity 2018

    Hopefully they will. I wouldn't mind any kind of setback for better performance in the long term. They specifically said that they choose unity as the game's engine because they are familiar with it.
  4. If i upgrade my account.

    Everything reset.

    Not 100% sure, but they said there will be stronger and better equipped "boss" scavs later down on the road.
  6. Fix getting stuck on objects.

    It was worse, when you breached the door the lock hinge would block your way, you had to go crawl into the room. Factory map is "unwalkable". Minimal difference in concrete tiles makes your character stuck and unable to walk/step over. Annoying issue but probably low priority on the "to do list"
  7. 120 framerate limit?

    Limit used to be 300 before patch.
  8. so BLA is with extraction campers?

    You have bad memories about it? Flashbacks? I bet the op was running full speed to the exit, without any scouting, on the open terrain (on the railroad tracks) and probably got nailed during door opening animation. I have endurance and strength max, i never camp. Because i don't have to. I play this game with the most speed possible, without turning it into UT or cod shitshow. He outsmarted him. He knew that he will try to extract. And probably checked rest of the extracts, narrowed it down and waited. Well done, nothing else. If you spawned custom side (old spawn) there are 3-4 possible extracts. Did you check them all?
  9. so BLA is with extraction campers?

    Find other extracts. You got outplayed.
  10. Solo playing pro tip

    @klinGiiiNice, killing them is kinda satisfactory. I consider them the black sheep of Tarkov. Just always imagine what kind of talk they have on ts: "ALPHA 2-34 IS DOWN, TANGO SHOT FROM SOUTH 1 CLICK. REQUEST MEDEVAC OVER!"

    Read some lore, then we can talk. The war is not global...

    I do not see the need for female chars be it pmc, or scav. Don't involve politics and sjw stuff with the game. Just think that "All woman and children have been evacuated before the war begun". End of the story.
  13. Milsim vs Speedsoft in Escape form Tarkov

    That laugh....
  14. Factory key

    You get a free factory key from Peacekeeper Spa Tour 7 quest.
  15. Blue Cogwheel

    Probably a dev or moderator.