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  1. Renaming item cases

    I agree to this as well. I like the idea
  2. Packing Mags

    It's going to change very soon, grapevine has it next patch or two there will be a loading animation and I hear it will take long enough you'll just want to bring extra mags to discard.
  3. Timed Quests

    Good ideas, I'm not sure that they want people to fail their quests as much as they genuinely want to have some challenges for the players who enjoy challenges of that type. I just don't think they realize they may have a large player base that either works enough and may only have an hour a day to play, players that are just casual players that are average players who won't be able to complete such a rushed quest, or players who just have bad weeks and can't seem to get kills. I'd be up for your idea if you fail the time limit, kind of like the late fee I mentioned so to speak. Trader will just be like since you failed the time limit, now you need to kill 10x's the number to get the reward. I'd be good with that.
  4. Timed Quests

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, but should timed Quests really be a thing? Some of us have jobs that prevent us from being able to complete any timed Quests on time. For example, I am a truck driver and I play from my truck sometimes with only enough time for one match, maybe two before I have to head off again and as I am a team driver, I don't get a lot of downtime. For example since I was only able to play an hour or two abday/ every other day it took me five days just for the simple skier quest to kill 12 pmc's as I mostly ran into scavs and by the time I got to where I heard shots, the pmc's were either dead or already moved on. I know most players are able to sit down and grind it out and get it done, but for those of us who don't have that kind of time it just sets us up for quest failure right from the start. Could you perhaps think of adding a hefty 'late fee' of a couple million rubles or something for those of us who just don't have the time to grind and get it done within a certain time limit? Last time I failed was the 20 scavs in 2 days on customs simply because I was always moving and just couldn't sit down, concentrate, and grind it out due to load deadlines. Just my two cents, knowing I'm going to fail quests and possibly lose the rewards/not get any more quests from that trader kind of ruins the game for me in the aspect of being stuck at current trader level and not being able to complete quest lines. Just an idea and I know it would benefit not only me but anyone who enjoys the game but just has difficult streaks of death where no matter what you do you just have a bad week. It's happened to me a couple times going a week just not being able to get quests done for one reason or another.
  5. is there a way to purchase from vendors faster?

    +1 to this I like this idea.
  6. Scav level system

  7. AI Scav attacked me after I killed a USEC player

    Once you kill a scav either AI or player, every scav on map will be hostile to you from that point on until extract.
  8. Straight Up & In Circles

    Happens to me from time to time I have to alt f4 and hop back in game. This fixes my problem when I log back in it's all normal again.
  9. Has anyone found the marked key yet?

    But I got a FACTORY key! Woohoo!
  10. Aimbot scavs have returned?

    Oh yes it's happened to me nearly every game. I get one shotted in the head by scavs before I even see them. Just a yell and *poof!* I'm gone. Lol
  11. Missing Items after Wipe

    Mostly yes, but I think they may still be tweaking the items you recieve.
  12. Is The Open Beta The "Release"?

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the wipes/resets will last until the full game comes out at a minimum.
  13. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Or you could just have a 6th trader whom is a war lord and you can buy left over ww2 arsenal items. Scoped nagants, Enfield's, and m1d's....I think a Thompson or BAR would be cool myself but I know this will never happen.....just saying... Lol
  14. Shotguns

    Well to be honest, shotguns can really work I've used a 153 750mm barrel, hammer scope, all nodded out with slugs and it can be awesome once you get the ranges and bullet drop down.
  15. Game Deletes Itself

    Can anyone tell me why since this last wipe my game deletes itself about once every week? Never had this problem before but since the last wipe once every week or two the game files are gone and everything disappears. I cant figure out what is going on with this update. Did not have this issue with the last game version. Any ideas?