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  1. Have these parts all been added? Friend found a 40-round metal RPK magazine.
  2. MP5

    Uh, what's with the Butler Creek OCULAR cap placed on the OBJECTIVE end on the Trijicon REAP-IR?
  3. AK-74

    Well to correct myself; AKS-74 and AKS-74Us used 4,5mm, AK-74Ms and Saiga 12s use 5,5mm, thus you can't just put your AK-74M poly folder onto an AKS-74U. Get it?
  4. AK-74

    The AK-74M and Saiga 12 use a 5,5mm hinge pin for the folding stock. The AKS-74U uses a 4,5mm pin, therefore you cannot put an AK-74M or Saiga 12 stock onto an AKS-74U without changing the rear trunnion (the part that the stock attaches to). Yes, there are civilian/aftermarket 74U-stocks that use 5,5 pins, but those aren't military spec..
  5. Upcoming Glock

    Really rare how? MANY shooters shoot .45 ACP handguns (usually 1911 designs) here in Norway and also Sweden.
  6. AK-74

    Nitpicking Garderoben, the correct term is AKS-74 (Kalashnikovs' automatic rifle, folding stock). AKS-74U means the same with U for shortened. I am really looking forward to the AK-74M as well. Hoping for an AK-107 at some point. Jaudå..
  7. Saiga 12K

    Rocking the Saiga feels pretty good as of now. However, the sights ought to be fixed.. it can't use the Cobra sight with a dovetail mount, BUT you can use the dovetail picatinny mount with the Cobra on top.. Can't use the PSO on it either, even if the dovetail allows it. Hopefully there will be a railed handguard for it soon, as well as 8 or higher capacity magazines. I can't wait to use it with a stubby foregrip and flashlight