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  1. -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

    Yeah we're all active and friendly! Feel free to jump over onto discord and have a laugh and runs with us man!
  2. -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

  3. F16 LF squad mates

    we're currently trying to do the same Over at -HK- if you ever want to merge out feel free to pm me. Make a bigger group and your admins can have admin also! we're 18+ also and most of us are over level 20 also.
  4. -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

    Hey all, So a little bit about ourselves. Currently we're a new org that are open arms about new players. We are constantly searching for experienced and New Players to help others out! Requirements: Age Requirement is: 18 Nationality: International Language: Needs to Be English Speaking (If You're Playing With English Players) A Little About Us: We're a newly made community in search for new and experienced player. Our goal is to make a community that can come together and enjoy playing as a whole and not individual play. Solo playing can get a little annoying as we know, Dying by a hatchling? Getting Killed by scavs or Grouped players? Then Join us Up At HeroicKings Discord: https://discord.gg/2za6rVm You can be a king with us! -LeftyUK
  5. (Dutch) clan/group

    hey man feel free to join us over at DoubleTap. https://discord.gg/GvregVJ
  6. looking for people to play with

    @McMuggin hey man we have a doubletap community discord which we try to help as many people as we can and welcome them into the group, it's an 18+ group so feel free to join! https://discord.gg/GvregVJ
  7. New player

    feel free to join us here man! https://discord.gg/8SCK5K
  8. Solo plays

    Hey man feel free to join our discord! https://discord.gg/8SCK5K
  9. Just looking for people to play with

    Hey guys over at Doubletap we're offering new and experianced players to join us so we can help and party up with them, we're all above the age of 18 but doesn't stop other people from not coming in and joining us also. We're looking to expand our community/group and bring more people in that we can help. I assure you it's a great opportunity! https://discord.gg/GvregVJ
  10. Looking for group

    its just a copy and paste from our discord mate, we havea few people in there just trying to grow the community mate that's all
  11. Looking for group

    DoubleTap Is Currently recruiting players, we're looking for mature players and people with some experiance, feel free to join us on discord: https://discord.gg/GvregVJHey man, feel free to join our discord over at DoubleTap, we welcome new players and also people who have experiance! https://discord.gg/GvregVJ
  12. New Player looking for people

    hey lads, Im from double tap gaming and we offer a great community we're not too small nor too big, we have a mixture of people! feel free to join us https://discord.gg/GvregVJ
  13. Recruiting. DoubleTap Community

    Hey all, Lefty here. Recently we revived a community known as DoubleTap, was massive in the Infestation NewZ community, We had our own skins and had top players. The Owner of DoubleTap is WhiteTigerOP (Streamer) And Flashtastic69 (streamer.) Currently We're Recruiting for Escape From Tarkov and looking for players that can help us dominate the game. At the moment you have to be over 18+ to join, just be generally mature. Discord: https://discord.gg/89kQ6dx