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  1. Looking for tutor and people to play with

    Hello mate, my name is ColNightmare in game and i would love to play and teach you the ways of tarkov i should be on later tonight or tomorrow afternoon and im in the discord. But you can also message me on steam to see if im on. Names ColonelNightmare on steam. Feel free to message me and ill help you out.
  2. New Upcoming Maps?

  3. Helping new players/finding friends

    ill help new player to get familier with the game and its Mechanics. As well as show you how to make money and get good gear and the do's and don'ts of the game for example don't kill friendly's. contact me on steam :[GBN]ColonelNightmare or discord : Your friendly neighbor hood tarkovonian
  4. update

    When will the next big update for EFT be ?
  5. Green Beret Nightmares [GBN]

    If I accept you to this army/clan.You will hear by be one of the best, or if not yet we will train you be one ;p. Motto(“De Oppresso Liber” (Latin for “To liberate the oppressed”) We wish to be the best and some of us are but together we can escape together as a unit. A squad and just maybe a family. But as always may the odds ever be in your favor Do you have what it takes to become a Green Beret Nightmare ? Contact me on steam :[GBN]ColonelNightmare or discord : I respect the US Army and I always will that's why when I graduate I will complete basic and lead the hard path to become a proud leader. I want to and will try my very best to become a airborne army ranger.

    Will the sm220-23 and things like the p226 suppressor be add to the next update? (when will be the next update ? and will this update reset every one's accounts?)
  7. Attatchments for the next update

    I have a question for someone to answer will the p226 suppressor and the sm220-23 pistol rail be added to the next patch ?