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Found 57 results

  1. kurgyn

    Developer News (2-21)

    Skimming through EFT's vk.com (similar to Facebook) page, stumbled across a recent post from yesterday morning (11:30 a.m. Russia time?). Translated: Nikita Brawlers: "What disguise, gentlemen? The exact date, no one called. And yes, we do not want to run crude alpha. We want to run cool alpha, which feels to be a beta. And so we plow. In any case, planned publication of new material. * Everything your time and do not go crazy " * At the beginning of next week will roll out the second edition of BSG Diaries developers and tell / show about his yesterday's march in Lobaev Arms. Included in this post was a photo of a developer holding a sign that I believe translates in to, "We live at work". According to translated comments on this post, it seems there is some dissent among the Russian EFT community regarding the alpha release. The first few sentences suggest that fans were accusing Battlestate of operating under a disguise (or shroud of secrecy) and that they're not going to release the alpha in February "as promised" (no one ever promised February alpha release; only estimated), to which Battlestate counters with "No one ever said that was the exact date". Perhaps developers are worried about releasing alpha too soon (suggesting that the current alpha state is "crude" and they "do not want to run 'crude' alpha", they "want to run cool alpha that feels more like beta") and are attempting to ease on the notion of an alpha release post-February without being straight? "In any case" might mean that if they don't release alpha in the coming week or so then there will still be "planned publication of new material" (second BSG diary and Lobaev Arms report) to ease hype and tension over alpha's postponement. Anyway, thought my fellow English-speaking fans could use a bit of news given to the Russian community regarding their status to ease your hype. I wouldn't get too excited about a February alpha release; too much hype and you'll end up infuriated and sour when they announce that it alpha isn't ready yet. NOTE: Please don't reply with anything other than positive criticism / optimistic comments; I am in no way trying to instigate a riot. I'm just trying to give possible news for alpha and such to eager fans.
  2. As the title says,what are your predictions? All we know it may be in Q1.
  3. suelo

    early access?

    Hi, i just wanted to pre order the game now. I saw that there are 4 different version of the game. My question is if the normal edition (standart edition) dosnt have the access to the early access version of this game? Isnt the amount a little bit too high to buy the game for 58€ for just playing the alpha? thx for the anwsers
  4. Hey everyone, I apologize ahead of time if this was already known. Everybody seems eager to know when the alpha will come out, and everybody knows that it's in February. I was looking at the russian facebook page, using google translate and found this: "Nikita Brawlers, head Battlestate Games, said that "as long as everything goes according to plan", and the alpha test is scheduled for the second half of the month, "near the end." Looks like it says that alpha test "is scheduled for the second half of the month; near the end". A more precise date, now I know. I keep waking up every morning and running to my computer to see if anything new came up, now I can stop Link:https://vk.com/tarkovgame They also got some more cool info that I never seen before, check it out!
  5. Talmer

    Closed Alpha Starts When?

    Hi Devs, Not seen any date/time on when we will be able to access the closed alpha, I only know from the FAQ's that it is this month (February). Anyway, could you confirm when we will have access? If not then please just close this thread, I don't want any trouble
  6. brewweed

    Когда же уже ALPHA?

    Ув. разработчики, пожалуйста, намекните район чисел когда выйдет ALPHA )
  7. Hey guys, As a Youtuber/Twitch Streamer, who specializes in Tactical Shooters/Survival Games, I was wondering if there will be an NDA on the Alpha/Beta Tests? I am gearing up to create a lot of content, but haven't seen anyone ask this question yet! Thanks in advance!
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